20 Questions Tuesday: 251 - Vacation

I am on vacation, but I am still bringing this to you because I am a dedicated blogger, gosh darnit.  Since I am vacation, stay out of my house… yeah, I know you were thinking it, but the neighborhood is crazy tight and watching our house like hawks….  hawks, I say!  Amazingly sighted hawks.  Anyway… what I am saying is that since I am on vacation, I will be doing this bare-bones… I might link some shit…  I might not… let’s just see.  Anyway.. the topic for this week is Vacation… so let’s do this.

Thanks this week go to Brett Wood, Grapes, Ralph Harbison, and the last 6 questions are the first 6 questions my kids asked today.  Here we go. Remember folks, I am ignoring my kids for this.

1.  Who invented the vacation and what were they thinking?

Lord Pemburton Hornwithall VI, Earl of Vacation created the first vacation and was thinking, “Man, I gots to get out of here…. but only for a week or so.”

2.  When do you think the first vacation happened?

About 2 weeks after Lord Pemburton Hornwithall VI, realized he was crazy burnt out.

3.  When do you think you know you need a vacation?

It is usually about 2 weeks after I have stopped caring at my job and been phoning it in for a bit.

4.  Is there such thing as a mini vacation and if so what separates it from the regular vacation?

A mini-vacation is really just a short vacation.  A mini-vacation is just like a regular vacation that makes you realize that you need more time off.

5.  Sometimes I hear people say they need a vacation after the vacation, what do you suppose they mean by this?

They are appalled by the amount interaction with family they have to have, personally I love it. 

6.  Spain is to Northern Europe as Florida is to the Northern Midwest. That being said, why is there no Spanish created version of Hooters?

Hmmmm can you imagine a Tapas version of hooters…  Tapas-ta-tas?!

7.  Why do Brits seem to love Florida and, More specifically, Disney so damn much? Do they do it ironically?

Nope, they just love the shit out of Disney and well, Disney World is larger than Disneyland in Cali.  So they will clearly travel to Florida for their Disney fix… Blimey, Chip and Dale are awesome!

8.  Why do Americans complain about foreigners speaking their native tongue while on vacation in the US (“We speak English here and it’s rude not to speak it”) but when traveling to a non-English speaking country American’s feel the natives should speak English?

Such a good question.  I believe it is because ‘Mericans are typically juuuuust a bit self-centered.

9.  If we remove “Vacation” and “Christmas Vacation,” what is the best vacation related movie?

Ummm… I guess “European Vacation?”  there are not many other Vacation movies…

10.  Why do people talk about the number of vacation days the French get and not understand that they are not arrogant enough to live like the French?

The French will be the French.  C’est la vie.

11.  Best vacation spot?

The mountains.

12.  Place that needs to be visited by everyone?

A shower… you stinky fucks.

13.  Where do the Go Gos go on vacation?

It looks like they go water-skiing.

14.  Do you try to embarrass your kids on vacation?

Not too much just yet… but as it gets more awkward for them to be with the ‘rents, you bet I will….

15.  Can you get me some chips and salsa?

For breakfast?  Sure, whatever, kid.  It has to be better than another pop tart.

16.  Where is the iPod recharger?  We simply CANNOT watch anymore YouTube with only 5% charge.

Can you feel the love and connectedness here? We are all very interactive with each other on this vacation.

17: What are we doing today?

Going to the Maine State Aquarium.

18: Are we there yet?


19: Are we there yet?


20: Are we there yet?

I will kill you with a straw in the backseat of this rental and drive your body into a hidden cove.

To recap:

Having a great time in Maine

Missing some of the amenities of home, but enjoying the time not thinking about work

I will, however, be interested in seeing how badly I am punished by my co-workers for being gone for a week

Then I think I might need a vacation from my vacation

Saw some pretty good parenting happen this afternoon while watching a parent deal with a kid who was melting down in a store because she REALLY WANTED THAT FLOAM

No one really wants floam

Poor misguided child

Happy Canada Day, belated, and Happy 4th of July, early

We are having a great time here

Have a great weekend, everyone