20 Questions Tuesday : 259 - Procrastination

This week, I again, waited for the last moment to send out the call for questions.  So, my topic is, oddly enough, procrastination.  I am a big fan of procrastination.  I will be lucky if this gets published before midnight EST.  

Thanks this week go to Wood, lsig, Ralph, Dr B Dawg, Chris Ring, Allrileyedup, and Stpierre.  Let’s do this.

1.  Are there any positive aspects to procrastination and if so what are they?

Yup, well thought out procrastination can be rather relaxing.

2.  Is there a best time of the day to procrastinate?

All times of the day are appropriate for procrastinating.

3.  Are there different methods of procrastinating?

There are an infinite amount of procrastination techniques, from rearranging the sock drawer to baking cupcakes for puppies.

4.  Are you a procrastinator? If so - in all areas or just some?

I have been known to procrastinate from time to time to time, often

5.  The results of a Myers Briggs test once identified me as “pressure prompted.” Best euphemism for “procrastinator” ever, yes?

That is a great label for procrastinator.  I love it.

6.  What’s one thing you will put off today that you know you shouldn’t?


7.  I had a boss once who later admitted that she’d hold projects on her desk and “spring” them on me near the deadline so I’d actually get started right away. Dirty trick or shrewd management of an inveterate procrastinator?

Shrewd management… that is a manager who knows her employees.

8.  Why doesn’t the word mean “in favor of castration?”

Because that would be “procastration.”  I think you are thinking “in favor of castrination.”

9.  When will we have the blog up? When is this due?

This will be posted before midnight on Tuesday.. It is 20 Questions Tuesday, not 20 Questions Kinda Tuesday.

10.  For me, the things I generally procrastinate on are because I anticipate them taking waaaay more time than they actually deserve and figuring they will end up taking twice as much as that, with little payoff and a lot of soul-crushing in the end. But, if I put it off to the very, very last moment, my efficiency is actually better. Do you have a theory on procrastination?   

I usually procrastinate on things that I don’t want to do.  Pretty simple.

11. How many levels of procrastination are there?

5, but they shall remain unnamed.

12. So, a procrastinator is the office devil, right?

Not especially, the Gossip is the office devil.

13.  What chore ALWAYS calls for procrastination on your part?

Lawn Mowing

14. Chore others procrastinate doing that you find mind boggling?

Making me cookies for me?

15. Haven’t we done the topic of procrastination before? I think the new topic should be “imagination.”

Not that I remember, but I have done

16.  Best quote for procrastinators to reference?

That stupid “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.”

17.  Best fictional procrastinator?

Wimpy… he would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

18.  What do you do while procrastinating?

Often, I try to nap.

19. What are things you are most and least likely to procrastinate on?

Most Likely: As I said before, lawn mowing

Least Likely: bill paying (providing we have the funds)

20.  I find the best way to vacuum the house and wash the dishes is to have something unbelievably urgent to get done that has nothing at all to do with the floors or dishes. Do you have any routines which benefit the household hygiene that might somehow take priority before something way more important?

Cleaning is less a procrastination device as much as it is a stress reaction.  Sometimes the stress coincides with procrastination, but not always.

To recap:

I have homework to do

The rents are coming into town this weekend

Not sure why this is giving me double spaced lines right now

Oh well,

Double spaced it is

Sweet Jeebus, the rents are coming this weekend

Classes started up again

I am well and truly busy

Have a great weekend, everyone