20 Questions Tuesday: 261 - Brisk



It is Tuesday again, and here we are looking at 20 Questions coming right at you.  I have noticed a significant change in the air as of late.  The changes came sometime last week and they weren’t really all that noticeable, but there.  There was a crispness to the air that was not there 3 weeks ago.  It was still warm, but it was a crisp warmth instead of a thick warmth.

This week’s topic is the the word “Brisk.”  Thanks this week go to Chris Ring, Nadolny, lsig, Maj McArmypants, some other guy, and the good wife..

Here come the questions:

1. On a Brisk walk, is it brisk because of pace or temperature or both?

It can definitely be both, but I would say that pace is most important in briskness.  The air could be crisp as well for a brisk paced walk.

2.  If so can I drink brisk Brisk briskly?

Yes, that’s brisk baby!

3.  Brisk is one of those words with all good connotations right? … Wait, a brisk brisket wouldn’t be good.

Even a brisk brisket can be good, but a briskly cooked brisket can be worrisome.

4.  If something’s just kind of brisk but not totally brisk is it brisky?

Ooooh, I love the word “brisky.” I am so going to use “brisky” in my daily lexicon.

5.  Remember the movie “Brisky Business”?

The one about the guy who hires a sex worker?


Nope, that is “Risky Business.”

6.   Who is the quickest talker you personally know? No fair using the Jimmy Johns delivery guy.

Personally?  hmmmm… I cannot really place a person as the fastest talker I know.  That isn’t something that I have consciously observed..

7.  Which BBQ in Columbus has the best Brisket?  In the country? In the world?

City BBQ has the best brisket in town. Its sauce is not the best, but the brisket is pretty amazing.  I am more of a pulled pork guy, so I am not sure about in the country, but I would guess some place in Texas.  That place would probably win the world as well.

8.  What qualifies as brisk weather in central Ohio? Does that differ from Alabama or other familiar places?

It, in a bizarre kind of way is almost exactly the same.  When the air dips into the mid 60’s with a clear blue sky and a slight breeze…. it just comes a bit earlier in Ohio.

9.  Do you tend to walk at a brisk pace?

I do tend to walk is a brisk manner.

10.  Lean brisket or “Moist” brisket?

Lean… I tend to get flavor in my brisket via sauce instead of fat.

11.  Don’t you like how they call the lean brisket “lean” brisket, but brisket with a quarter-inch of fat showing is called “moist”.   How has that NOT taken off for other things.  I think we need to put it in the weight gain pantheon immediately! :

Normal weight, Overweight, Moist, Obese, Morbidly Obese, Moistly obese.

I am not happy that I am most likely on the edge of moist right now in that case… that sounds horrible.

12.  There has to have been some brisk air up there by now?  Do you remember where you were when you first felt that little breeze that portended of Fall this year?

It has been a bit brisky already.  I think it hit Wednesday of last week.

13.  No one moves slower than Americans.  Do you prefer to see the brisk no-nonsense pace of the rest of the western world [forget about the Eastern world! Those guys really haul ass!] or our lolly-gaggery?

I think there needs to be an effort to maximize efficiency and trim off the unnecessary hours of the work week.  I think we could whittle this shit down to 25 hours a week.  Currently, with the amount of time wasting we do, our work week is pretty moist.

14.  How exactly did an ad campaign about EXTREME Ice Tea take off like that?  Was it the Claymation.  [I think it was the claymation.]  I mean it is ice tea, the only thing less exciting that warm tea.

Well, it was the late 90’s/early 00’s so everything X-TRemeME!!!! was marketable. Just ask the Doritos XTREME!  Plus, I heard it through the grapevine that claymation was XTREME!!!


15.  So, is “brusk” as bad as “brisk” is good?

Wow, I had not thought of that, but it does seem that “brusk” is the equivalent bad of the word “brisk.”

16.  Is there anything at your job that you do in a brisk manner?

Well, when the whistle blows, I briskly jump through the second story window and briskly slide down a Brontosaurus tale into the open window of my car. YABBA-DABBA-DOOO!!! (That is an oddly dated reference).


17.  “What would you risk for a Brisk?!?” Why wasn’t that the ad campaign for Lipton’s Brisk Ice Tea?

Too similar to “What would you do-oo-oo, for a Klondike bar?”


18.  So, is a bris brisk?

I should hope it is not a procedure that is “quick and active; lively” or “sharp and invigorating” or sweet Jesus, no, not “effervescing vigorously.”  I strongly believe that a bris should be slow, smooth, efficient, and methodical.  Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

19.  What one thing, if any exist, does Little Man do briskly?

Open Lego packages and build those kits.

20.  What do you do briskly because you would rather not do it at all?

Taking out the trash… I hate that and do what I can to get that over and done with quickly… Uh, I mean briskly.

To recap:

Had a hard time getting motivated today

My tuition is due

My tuition is due!!!

Holy Crapballs, my tuition is due

Those last three recap pieces were more of a reminder than anything else.

The weather has definitely turned to autumnish

That being said, I am sure the temp will spike at least once more

That’s how the weather works around here

Pork chops, couscous, and green beans & tomatoes for dinner

I did not partake of the couscous, but I do make a mean pork chop

I have homework to do

Oh, and my tuition is due

Have a great weekend everyone