20 Questions Tuesday: 267 - People's Choice II

This week is the continuation of last week’s randomness.  So without further ado…

Thanks this week go to Chris Ring, Lsig, and Yahoo answers

Topic: Halloween

1.  Pagan rituals, All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints Day, Night of the Dead etc… Where do you stand on the birth of Halloween?

An amalgam of Pagan rituals and the Christian

2 - Favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

I went as R2-D2 and my brother who was 5 years older than me was C-3PO.  It was delightful.  My brother’s favorite costume of mine was when I wore an actual jack-o-lantern on my head.

3 - Favorite Candy?


4 - Worst excuse for candy? (As in this ain’t candy!)

in the 80’s there was this awful peanut butter candy that was in this heavy red or black wax paper… if you are over 35, you know what I’m talking about.

5 - Favorite Halloween tradition (besides candy)?

We don’t really have many traditions for Halloween.

6.  Sand worms, ya’ hate ‘em right?

How can you not?

Topic: exercise

7.  I exercised for 30 minutes today. Are you working out regularly?

I am trying to.  I have been doing 30 minutes or so on the treadmill every other day and on the off days I am doing just a little calisthenics.  I am noticing improvements, so that is good.

8.  What kinds of exercise do you like (if any)?

I have not found one that I like as of yet.

9.  Do you have specific fitness goals or just general improvement?

Yes, I have both

10.  Do you count activities like mowing or house painting against your weekly exercise quota?

Nope, well maybe mowing… our back yard is gigantic.

11.  Are all these exercise questions obnoxious?

A tad bit, but only because it makes me realize how little I am doing.

Topic: First 9 Questions from Yahoo Answers.com right now….

12.  Explain why signal detection theory is sometimes necessary to help determine a person’s absolute threshold?

Um…. no.

13.  Got a new kitten, now my older kitten is puking and sleeping all day?  What’s going on?

Well, your older cat is sick, most likely from something the new kitten brought in with it.  I am sure that the stress of having  a new cat in the environment has not helped, but the cat is sick.

14.  What is a creative synonym for Devil, Demon or Fiend?

Ted. Creative AND incorrect

15.  Would you prefer a restaurant to serve Coke, Pepsi or RC Cola products?

Pepsi… who the hell likes RC Cola?

16.  Can anyone give me a healthy diet to follow?

Yes…many people can.

17.  What is your strategy for staying socially awesome?

Well, I expose people to my awesomeness, and then just reap the social rewards.

18.  What are good baby names?

Names that are accessible, yet different.  My suggestion is to look at old names and then create a simple variation of that older name.

19.  How can I really enjoy my senior year?

Don’t take it so seriously. It is only high school, and more important portions of your life will happen later.

20. How do I find the area of the radius of a circle?

Your question makes no sense. Please rephrase it.  I cannot tell if you are looking for area or radius.

To recap:

Interviews coming up in the next few weeks

Those should be fun

Some people I have reached out to have expressed interest in the interview process


I have so much homework to do

So so much reading and analysis

And I have not been getting enough sleep

Watching a show on Siberian tigers right now

Tigers are beautiful

Beautiful beautiful badasses

Have a great weekend everyone