20 Questions Tuesday: 269 - Thanksgiving

This week is Thanksgiving Week here in the States, so today I am very thankful for everyone who read this here site and especially the people who have allowed me to ask 20 questions and the people who send me questions to ask.  Enough of this hornswaggle though let’s stop this simpering and get to it.

This week’s topic is actually “Thanksgiving.”  Oh, Thanksgiving… so much more fun when I could eat the glutens.  I actually am not really looking forward to the actual Thanksgiving Day meal…  No stuffing, potentially no gravy, and no pumpkin pie…. so all of you can shove it.  Let’s get to it.

Thanks this week go to Chris Ring, Lord Pithy, Dr B-Dawg, and Chris Corrigan.  Let’s do this.

1: Travel? or Hosting?

We are traveling because we don’t like having to go through all the hassle of the clean up

2: Macy’s Parade YEAH! or UGH!?

leaning more towards the UGH.  Parades are always just the wrong side of enjoyable for me… But I always THINK they should be enjoyable.  Alas and alack they never are.

3: Any non-traditional items on the menu?

Not that I can think of.  We are really pretty beholden to the restaurant in the lodge we are going to be staying at.

4: Any annual TV/Movie must see?


5: PIE! No question JUST PIE! (suck it cake people)

I wish I could just take on some pie without efforting to have the pie all gluten-free.

6. Do you find you change your “What are you thankful for” answer depending on the audience?

Nope.  I screw that up regardless of audience.

7. If you could assign other people’s “thankfuls,” what would Wifey be thankful for?

The internal combustion engine… you should be thankful for that as well.

8. Day of the Doctor — totally awesome TV or what?

I have only heard good things about that… but I am not a Whovian.

9. Popcorn, toast or jelly beans for favorite traditional Thanksgiving food?

Hmmm… those the only three choices?  Gonna go with popcorn because one could make it sweet or savory.

10. I’m thankful to have you for a friend. Is that enough to warrant a free lunch?

Sure… let’s set it up

11. Did the OED proclaim “Thanksgiving” as its word of the year in 1621?

Nope, the word of the year was the phrase: “Ye Daye of Gratitvde Gifting”  It was all the rage that year.  It took the sea-lanes and trapper trails by storm.

12. Would you ever prepare and butcher a live turkey for Thanksgiving?

Nope, I am honestly not a big fan of bird on the bone.

13. Electric or human-powered knife for carving the turkey?


14. How long after Thanksgiving do the Christmas decorations appear?

The weekend after.

15. When do the preparations for the big meal begin?

We leave town tomorrow.

16. So what do you do in your house to deal with the cultural appropriation issues of the US Thanksgiving holiday and the romanticized view of history that the typical narrative presents to the American public?

Well, this year Little Man did a study of the Wyandot and both the Wife and I feel that we might be able to mention the more controversial aspects of this anglo holiday.

17. Have you ever been at a Native American Thanksgiving?  Hint: it’s awkward.  Pro-tip: Black Friday was a good name for what followed.

Nope… I imagine it is about as popular as Columbus Day with the Native Americans.  Things Native Americans are not thankful for? European swine based illnesses.

18. “The US is the only country in the world where people run over each other in the quest for cut rate material acquisition the day after a celebration of gratitude for everything they have.”  Discuss.

The holiday season is nothing if not ironic.

19. People have been rightly excited about the convergence of Channukah and Thanksgiving this year.  But it is also the beginning of Advent.  Which is not a holiday where we get to vent at the ads that come our way over the next month. Are these holidays overdone?  Shouldn’t we just ratchet back the whole thing and celebrate humbly and privately with friends and family around and narry a credit card to be seen?

I don’t think you know how to celebrate extravagance very well.  See, you do that by over indulgence and consumption.  The holiday season is for overdoing it and for infusing the economy with a shot of hot spicy cash.

20. What would a small, deep, simple, pressure-free and beautiful Thanksgiving actually look like in your house?  In my house high on the list would be my gratitude for you guys being in my life.  Just sayin’.  And pie of course.

It would involve bunches of naps and phone calls to friends and family… but mainly naps.

To recap:

Lsig and her hubby spent the night at Casa Del Me last night

It was great to see them both

So much fun

My homework schedule just got a reprieve

Yeeee-haw!  Reprieve!

US Thanksgiving this Thursday

Turkey shall be consumed

and probably mashed potatoes

And some corn of some sort

…. but no stuffing

Crap, I miss stuffing

and deserts

Missing both of those

Have a great weekend everyone!