20 Questions Tuesday: 271 - Music... the second... on a Wednesday

Crap, today is Wednesday, isn’t it?  Anyway….part 2 of the “Music” topic.  Last week I waxed eloquent about earworms and other stuff associated with music… this week I add to that conversation.  In other news, my class is over for the semester and I am happy about that.  Since the class finished I have already poured through half of a book by an Internet friend just for fun.  Reading for fun?  What the hell?  I have to finish that book and read another book that has been published by another Internet friend.  More on these in the recap…

Thanks this week go to StPierre, Dr B-Dawg, Maj McArmypants, and Grapes.  onto the questions!

1.  First question, would you listen to this song and “follow” Clusterfudge on Spotify? http://open.spotify.com/track/2U9dLiaCGQ3kYrnwKvKWHC Disclaimer: Clusterfudge is my new music project by myself and my friend Devin who lives in Portland, OR. This track is over 10 years old, but since it’s one of our better ones off my first record, and it’s just us I figured I’d link to it. Right around the start of the year there should be frequent new tracks. Also, we’re in the iTunes store, but I don’t expect anyone to be paying for this stuff just yet.

I am not on the Spotify services, so I will not listen to it that way.  Might I suggest pimping something new when you have it.  I cannot imagine that the point of view you had 10 years ago is remotely similar to your current point of view.  Move forward and let us enjoy your journey as it happens.

2. Beatles or Rolling Stones? Yes they can coexist as two amazing bands, but for some reason it’s a popular question so I figured I’d be unoriginal and ask it.

If I have to chose I go with the Stones.  They have a significantly larger catalog due to their continued existence, plus many people don’t realize how poor the filler songs are by the Beatles… “A Touch of Honey” is a crappy song, and I will hear no other analysis of that.

3. Should I buy a bass guitar?

You going to Clusterfudge that bass?  If so, buy it and create.  Then let me listen to it.

4. If you could draw well, write well, or play music well, which would you choose if it meant not being able to do any of the others ever again?

Going to go with drawing… I cannot play music and I am only passable at writing.

5.  I thoroughly am enjoying the latest Pearl Jam record. What was your favorite band in High School?

Oddly enough, Pearl Jam.  Haven’t heard their most recent, but I am waiting on an iTunes gift card that I usually get on Christmas.

6. Are you more doo-wop or bee-bop?


7. What songs would be on the soundtrack to your life?

That is an interesting one… I would imagine some combination of James Brown’s “I Feel Good,” Katrina and the Waves “Walking on Sunshine,” Smashmouth’s “Allstar,” The Police with “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic,” Joan Jett and the Blackheart’s “Bad Reputation,” and Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” would grace the trailer for the movie of my life with the dramatic parts punctuated by the “Bwaaaaaa” score from Inception.

8. If you family suddenly formed a band, what instruments would they each play?

The Wife would be on bass guitar, because there is nothing hotter in a band than a woman slapping sweet rhythms on a bass.  Little Man would be on the keytar, Q would be on drums, and I would play the electric xylophone.  We would kill it. I would be on lead vocals because who doesn’t want someone banging on a xylophone and wailing some sweet sweet lyrics.

9. Kanye West might be putting out some of the best sounds right now, but why does he have to turn the crazy to 12 and make it almost impossible to listen to?

It does make it difficult, doesn’t it?

10.  How can you dislike Elvis?

I actually think it is pretty simple.  Take an attractive young white guy, have him rip off a whole genre of music created by a disenfranchised population and make a shit ton of money from that without ever giving credit to the forebearers of that hitherto unpopular musical style.  Add substance abuse, adultery, and consistent debauchery.  Bing Bang Boom, Ta-Da, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeasy, and Bob’s Your Uncle.

11.  What is your favorite “bad lyrics” song?

Hmmm… Bad Lyrics… I can’t think of anything off hand.. let me listen to something real quick… go on reading and I will get back to you…

12.  I understand playing the jug when you …only have a jug.  However, there are still people who take it up.  What gives?

They wear skinny jeans and have handlebar mustaches… of course they are going to play the jug.  That jug will be “vintage” and cost tons though.  It is the way of things.

13.  How awesome would it be if all concert pianists had to play on a giant keyboard like they did in “Big”?

I am not sure I would want to watch aerobic instructors doing concerts.  

14.  I have friends who work at a record store. They try to find the most annoying song to clear out everyone at the end of the evening (which is becoming increasingly hard when people think they like things “ironically”). What song would you suggest to flush the riff-raff out?

“Rubber Biscuit” by the Blue’s Brothers.  I am not sure it would clear the place out, but it would make the right people leave.

15.  Have you ever had a band you loved blow up and, in doing so, lose your support? If so, name them.

Not that I can think of.  This is a typical thing about anti-establishment music.  When punk group is young and hungry they are revolutionary, but as they get more popular they become embedded within the very system they rail against.

16.  Which makes a better instrument, a band-saw or a rock/bucket of water combo?

Rock/Bucket of water combo… and just got finished listening to a few songs and my answer to 11 is “Give up the Funk” by George Clinton & the P-Funk Allstars… It was almost Get Lucky by Daft Punk, but “Give up the Funk” edges it out with only 3 verses constantly repeated.

17.  Do you own any vinyl (records-not pants)?

Nope (and nope).

18.  Why are bands from NYC and LA so disappointing?

They are a dime a dozen, while only the better ones make it to the broader market, they still are the products of over saturated and incestuous markets.

19.  What gauge guitar string do you recommend when constructing a garrote?

The thicker the better.  As the garrote gets thinner there is a better chance that the string will cut into the flesh and cause lacerations and require a messy clean-up when the whole point of the garrote is to be quiet and leave no trace.

20.  What is your favorite Ohio band (Excluding OSU’s Best Damn Band in the Land)? Why?

the Ohio Players by far simply for “Love Rollercoaster”

To recap:

Who brought the funk?

I guess I brought the funk

Wow, Tuesday just ran by me like I wasn’t paying attention

I am seriously UN-motivated at work today

By that I mean that I am motivated like the UN

I have passed some toothless resolutions that will create an unenforceable embargo on not doing stuff

I am voluntarily complying with the international mandate

Get the blue hats out of here so I can go back to doing nothing

So there is a holiday coming up

So, if one of the interviews I am doing finishes up, I will post it next week…

The following week?

Oh, I have something planned for Dec 31st/Jan 1st

It is a good plan and it will come to fruition

Oh, yes, it will

Cannot believe it is Wednesday…

Have a great weekend, everyone