20 Questions Tuesday: 280 - Illness


So the little girl was sick yesterday and the illness was lingering today.  Nothing major, she had a fever and a bit of a cold.  She is 5 and goes to a petri dish known as kindergarten 5 days a week.  I am doing what i can to not be sick, but that might be a losing battle.  I am okay with that.  

Therefore today’s topic is “Illness.”  Thanks this week go to Andrew Miller, Lsig, and some other guy.  Onto the questions:

1. Illness, why? It's like Mosquitoes - why?
I do think there is a biological reason for illnesses… I am not quite sure what that justification is, but I am sure that it exists.  I would say that it is about culling the herd and making the species stronger in general due to natural selection reasons, but modern medicine is taking a bit of that argument away in an immunological sense.  Mosquitos are here for high-pitched buzz sounds.

2. Who is the best at being sick in your house? Who's the best at nursing the sick?
I am the best at being sick in the house because I like to go off into the proverbial corner, curl up in a ball and convalesce.  That being said, my wife is the best with dealing with sickness in the house.

3.  Waterborne brain eating organisms aside, I was always a fan of the neti pot until I got turned onto the Sinus Rinse where you actually get to shoot hot saline up in there. What sort of witchcraft do you subscribe to?
I have been known to use the neti pot from time to time.  I am a big proponent for using ZICAM for prevention purposes, to keep myself from getting as sick for as long.  I understand that zinc calcium and magnesium is truly witchcraft, but if the placebo effect works for me, who are you to judge me,


4.  I still feel like crap, and some of the above are compound, we'll say multiple even, questions - so get off my back already - I made it into work yet again, isn't that enough?
Making it into work is definitely enough.  Well-done.  In fact I am at work today and accomplishing absolutely nothing, but I am here, gotdammnit!

5.  Wait, I've got it, now that you're a dad, have you found that sometimes it is a better choice to deal with the children at work when you're sick than to stay home and deal with the children there?
I have never brought my kids into work, sick or otherwise.  I would not want to expose my children to the nastiness that is my work environment.  There is no reason to see where papa’s malaise comes from.

6.  What's the worst sickness you've ever had?
I had the influenza when I was a kid.  I was down for about 4 days…  There was also this one sickness that ran through my wife and I during either our first or second year of wedded bliss. She went down first for about 2 days and required going to the ER for dehydration and to stop the “loss of liquids.”  I went down a day later and bounced back from it a bit faster, mainly because I knew what was coming.   

7.  Being sick while parenting is pretty much the worst. What's your least favorite aspect of this horrific phenomenon?
How needy the wee little beasties are… especially Little Man because he refuses to nap when he is ill.  SLEEP IT OFF, KID!!! SLEEP IT OFF!!!

8.  While I hate being sick, before I had kids I would get a lot of enjoyment out of a sick day now and again (it's delightfully self-indulgent even if you are miserable).  Have you, like me, lost the joy of the sick day because small needy people hang out at your house?
Sick days did start to be better once both kids were in school. It was amazing to be at home and sick and capable to actually sleep it off.

9.  Do you ever actually use the word "ill" or "illness"? I tend to use "sick" almost exclusively.
For the dad humor, I go with “illin.” ill illin

10.  Is there any illness that you particularly dread?
Tons… there are so many illnesses I dread… so many ways to be sick… so many ways


11.  How often do you get sick?
Well, if by sick you mean big old full head of crap or a belly that needs to get everything removed in a myriad of manners… ugh I hate the different methods of getting things out of my body.

12.  Remember in the 80’s when people used “ill” as something good? The 00’s made it that into “sick.”  The 10’s dealt with “viral” as being a good piece of digital stuff for blowing up.  What will be the negative malady related term turned positive be for the 20’s?
I do remember the 80’s… because I am old and decrepit.  For the 20’s I think the word will be… “afflicted?”

13.  Pestilence?  One of the horsemen, really?  What would you replace Pestilence with?
Put Godzilla on a horse and have him wreak some havoc… He would ride on a lizard horse and his name would be Hubris.

14.  How many times do I have to throw up?!?!
Three, unless you tuck back into that old crab meat… and then the sky’s the limit!

15.  Is there a superhero/villain who uses illness/nausea as their power?
I am now going to draw a character named “Agent Brown.”  His side kick is named “Number 2.”  This will happen, even if I have to commission someone with more talent to do it.

16.  Are you a quiet vomiter?
Yup… My wife, however, could potentially wake up the neighbors.  

17. Audibly strain while evacuating your bowels?
This 20 Questions just went to a weird place… I am not comfortable answering that one.

18.  Favorite colloquialism for vomiting?
I have always been partial to “yarf.”

19. When should someone see a doctor about a fever?
When it is for the Flavor of the Pringles.  Once you pop, you can’t stop.  Seriously though, if you are coming to this website for medical advice, you should go ahead and schedule that appointment.


20.  Ever hallucinate due to a fever?  Fevered dreams and the like?
Not that I know of.  When our little girl was 3.5 or so, we were staying at a state park lodge when she got sick.  We did not have any tylenol or advil with us so we thought we would just ride it out that night and leave early in the morning.  At about Midnight-30 Q was up and talking about AND TO the Imperial AT-AT’s in our room.  3 yr old and she hallucinates about Empire Strikes Back, arguably the best of the hexology.  That, my friends, is parenting done right.

To recap:
Me = awesome dad, because she hallucinates content from the best Star Wars movie
I would be a failure if she hallucinated Jar-Jar
I almost typed “film” instead of “movie” when referring to Star Wars…
Nope, that wouldn’t have been right
Sorry about the no-post last week
I was incapable of the posting
Ergo the lack of post
I have so much stuff due on my class on Thursday
But after Sunday, I am one class closer to getting this UXD degree
Until then I will go back to my QA/QC for the holes in the ground for Morgan County Ohio
You should be
Have a great week everyone