20 Questions Tuesday: 284 - House Guests


 Last week we had a houseful of peeps… 4 delightful guests living in the house with us for most of the week.  They all arrived between Tuesday and Thursday and we kicked them to the curb yesterday.  They are all amazing people and were really wonderful guests.  They actually left the place better than when they got here, because they are awesome.  So… this week’s topic is “House Guests.”

Thanks this week go to my delightful house guests, but also to my lovely wife, L Pithy, Lsig, and Chris Corrigan (one of the delightful guests).  Onto the questions!

1.  Fish and Family go bad after three days...how about adored friends?  When will we want to give them the boot?
About Sunday, so Monday worked out just fine.

2.  Can't help the next question:  What ever happened to Kato Kaelin - the most famously maned house guest of all time?
I think he is staying in someone’s guest house right now...

3.  Someday my mother will be our permanent "house guest", ie she'll move in with us.   What should we do before she gets here that we won't be able to do after?
Enjoy the lack of true crime and crime scene investigation shows that will constantly be on the TV when she gets here.

4.  Related question: What should we make her do to earn her keep while she's living under our roof?
I think she needs to cook occasionally.

5.  Who's house do you want to be a guest in?
Aisha Tyler’s... for reasons

6.  Should we turn our garage into a guest house?  I mean, there's already a fireplace in that bad boy.  It's basically begging to let people sleep in there.
I think that building could be a great office/studio that could be turned into a guest house.  When we have the crazy cash just laying around, let’s make that happen.

7.  Do you feel the need or desire to plan activities to entertain your house guests every moment they are in your company?
Nope.  But I also do not feel the need to plan out my own vacations.  I like to let activities emerge.

8.  When you are a house guest, do you want to just sit around and enjoy visiting, or get out to see the sights of the area?
Yes.. a little of Column A and a little of Column B.  If it is a place that I have been before, I typically just want to hang.

9.  “Guests, like fish, stink after three days.” Does it really take three days?
Fish stinks, like day .5… oh, you meant the guests.

10.  What would it take to earn the status “Worst House guest ever” in your book?
I am not giving you people any ideas just in case any of you actually guest star is this house show.

11.  In a money-is-no-object scenario, what would be the best host gift you could hope to receive?
An Xbox One


12.  On average, how often do you have house guests?
Not terribly often… typically I would say, on average, that we have 2 people stay for 2 weekends on a 52 week year.

13.  Do you prefer to have house guests or be house guests?
I think I would rather be a house guest, mainly because that means I am traveling and I love traveling.

14.  Do you like guests to do stuff like cook and wash the dishes while they are there, or do you prefer to give them a full vacation experience (by which I mean, keep their hands off your stuff and out of your cabinets)?
The first 2 days I like to host the shit out of house guests, but day 3 and beyond house guests are treated as family and should pitch in, and be ready to be ignored.. Papa's watching his stories.

15.  What is the longest you've hosted someone and did you want to kill him/her/them at the end of that period?
This time around was a pretty good amount of time to have non-family in the house.  in general, I have not had house guests stay too terribly long... Don't get any ideas people. 

16.  When are you coming to visit?
The fam needs to travel more.  Your place is on the map now and forever.  Maybe we can scoot down this summer...

17.  At what point in an extended stay with friends is it possible to complain about their idea of cleanliness?
Day 3.  Day 3 = Family.

18.  How should house guests endear themselves to the hosts’ children, to ensure cool times and a lingering memory of “the best adult sleepover ever?”
With the girl, I would say one needs to give her space, because she is overwhelmed even though she doesn't look like it.  With the boy, talk Legos and Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.

19.  What is an appropriate gift for a pair of introverted hosts that will probably put on a good face but will be happy to see the door shut on four backsides on Monday?
The best gift is to be engaging and delightful people… and then to get the hell out of my house.

20.  Can I sleep in that Yogi-bo thing?
Nope, the wife has laid claim to it… it is truly hers.


and one to grow on…

21.  If your houseguests effectively prevent you from doing your 20 Questions Tuesday post on time, does that reflect poorly on them or on you?
Oh, on me.  Totally on me.

To recap:
Lots and lots of people in the house last week
Soooo many people
Finally got to a Crew game
It has been over 2 years since the last game I went too
Oddly went with the same folk plus a few other peeps
The Crew were 3 and 0 going into the game
And then could not find the back of the net regardless of pretty much controlling the game
It was like they forgot how to make runs at the gaol when they got into the box
Defenders can react better when you aren’t moving
Anywhoo… they lost 2 - 0 to crappy assed Toronto
Captain America the Winter Soldier is a fun movie
It is not earth shattering
and there are some minor flaws that could have been dealt with
But I found it delightful
Have a great week!