Hospital Hospital Jiggity Jig

Asthma is a horrible horrible thing. I am well aware that there are worse things out there, and I hope and pray that my little guy does not have to deal with them, but asthma is still a horrible horrible thing.

Our third trip to the ER due to asthma occurred last night. It is the second trip in as many weeks. Unfortunately there is no way to call up the doctor and get a script for the oral prednazone the little man needs without the trip to the ER. My vacation schedule/ sickday/ PTO bank cannot handle this pressure for very much longer. It looks like I will have to be working over the Thanksgiving Holiday as well as Christmas, New Year's, and Easter.

On a good note, the little one is responding fairly well to treatment, but I cannot wait for the side effects of the prednazone to kick in. It makes him thirsty, hungry, cranky, and not able to sleep. All the best things for dealing with a baby.

All I know right now, is that lack of sleep is impeding my abilities to function as a competent employee.