mmmmm Mt Dew, Elixir of Life

Some people choose their caffeine to be warm, some choose it to be in bar form, and some choose for it to be in a pill form. Me, I want my caffeine to be effervescent and green. Mt Dew could be Man's greatest creation, it is a chilled caffeinated wonder drink. It is sweet, but it does not rot your teeth off immediately. It is caffeinated, but it does not hit you like a ton of bricks, nor does one taste the bitter flavor of caffeine. The best part of the entire drink is one of the ingredients. This ingredient makes the drink a smooth rich liquid. It helps the drink to slide down your throat effortlessly instead of burning like Coke. It is "brominated vegatable oil." Who would have thought that vegeatble oil would have a place in a modern drink? Whomever that person is, I wish them well.

mmmmmm effervescent green elixir of life, I owe you so much.