Obligatory Thanksgiving Blog

Here is my obligatory Thanksgiving blog

I am thankful for many many things, so many, in fact, I will share them in list form.

1. My Family (wife and kid), they are the only ones who keep me marginally sane
2. My Family of choice (friends), they are the ones helping to push me towards the margins of sanity
3. I have a good job, it is not a great job, that would involve much less actual work and involve much more actual salary
4. Vanilla Bean Cheescake from the Cheesecake Factory. If God were a cheescake, I would have taken many a slice from him by now
5. Good shoes, once you buy a good pair of shoes, it is difficult to get crappy ones ever again.
6. Ummm... The color blue, it is all nice and blue-like
7. ahhh... Okay I am tapped, that's it the fam, the friends, the job, the God of Cheesecake, shoes, and blue.

To all of you, enjoy the holiday.