Throw the carcass away

I am always amazed by the horrible glut of post thanksgiving deterious. We have done 3 loads in the dishwasher, and still have dirty dinnerware associated with the blessed holiday. That does not even count the leftover containers that are slowly being emptied. My fridge is overflowing with food.

It was a good celebration though. A bit geriatric, but nice none-the-less. The mom-in-law brought her elderly (late 80's), near-deaf, newly widowed neighbor. The boy's caregivers (surrogate grandparents) brought their ex-neighbor who has alzheimer's, lives in a assisted living facility, and is in his late 70's. The surrogate grandparent's are not quite spring chickens as well. I think even with the 16 month old and two 30 year olds, the average age was 90. If not in actual math, at least the conversation was centered around the age of 90.

"Do you usually roast turkey for your Thanksgivings?"
"No thank you, I don't want anymore turkey."

Thankfully we had the Disney Channel on all day long, so we could experience a wide extreme of sights and sounds. Hearing the Wiggles singing "Zardo Zap" in one ear and a detailed conversation about medications in the other ear. Quite discongruous, to say the least.

There was good pie though, and that is all that matters. I hope everyone else had a good holiday.