By popular demand...

Crappy Gifts

So I asked many a person about the worst gift they have ever gotten and the list I got back was long and varied. Associated with each gift is the gender and age of the person at the time they received the gift.

Lump of Coal: Female, Ages 3 -10 (evil parent)

Pretzel Dip: Male, Age 27 (huh?)

Pink Tape Cassette Holder: Male, Age 13 (the grandma really wanted a grand-daughter)

Fish Tie: Male, Age 18 (this gift was received in 2000, just a little out of date)

Various Assorted Bad Sweaters: Male & Female all ages (everyone gets a crappy sweater eventually)

Fleece Cow Print Vest: Female, Age 23 (ummm, what exactly is the giver trying to say?)

Used and Unwashed Knife Set:
Female, Age 27 (yeeeee-uck)

Pen in the Shape of a Weiner Dog: Female, Age 14 (not sure what exactly this person wanted a 14 year old girl to be thinking about)

20 Gauge Shot-Gun: Female, Age 13 or 14 (just what every little girl wants)

Tacky Conch Shell Decoration: Male, age 41 (re-gifted tacky conch shell decoration, same gift he gave them 10 years earlier)

Muddy Rocks: Male, Age 6 (the gift that keeps on giving)

Purple Fur-Lined Faux Suede 10 Year Old Pimp-Lookin' Jacket: Male, Age 22 (does this really need a comment)

Home-made Silver Belt-Bucket encrusted with Nuts and Bolts and Soldered Silver Wire Initials: Female, Age 14 (Made really crappily with love)

Cigar Smoke Smelling T-Shirt with Glittery Cat Decal: Female, Age 27 (if the glittery cat thing wasn't enough, the t-shirt stunk to high heaven as well)

Jesus Laughing Picture: Female, Age 35 (disturbing painting of Jesus howling with laughter. How creepy is that? What is he laughing about? Is it my chances to get into Heaven?)

Golden Decorative Boot: Female, Age 38 (Just Plain Tacky)

and the worst Christmas present ever...

Girl's Bikini Bathing Suit: Male, Age 3 (did I mention that the grandma REALLY wanted a grand-daughter)