tsunamis and intelligence

The death toll of The Pacific Ocean Tsunami is expected to reach a staggering 100,000+ without even adding in the massive amounts of deaths that will occur due to the illnesses that follow major disasters. It is absolutely mind boggling to think about the energy associated with that event. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake that preceded the tsunami was caused750 miles of fault-line moving 15 meters. That statistic in and of itself is mind numbing to say the least. This type of geologic activity reminds (should remind people) that we are tiny tiny tiny little specs on a very big area.

On to the meat of the matter....

I have not weighed into very many controversial subjects in this milieu prior to this, but I just feel that need to state for the record that the theory of Intelligent Design is a crock of horse-shit. It is a thinly veiled attempt to put Creationism back into the already laughed at by other developed nations US school systems. Anyone who states otherwise is lying. Teach Creationism in theology, teach about the differences between Darwinian Evolution and Creationism in social studies and history in the proper historical context, just don't try to teach it in any science class. If you absolutely need to, teach your steaming pile of poo in private, non-state funded schools. Let the nuns crack people on the back of their knuckles and blathering on about a big hand pushing pieces into place to make the humming bird better.

Honestly, I have no problem with someone believing that there is some kind of intelligence that is guiding life along its pathway. That is fine, that is dandy, bully for them and such... My problem lies with the forcing of a particular set of religions into our state sponsored education system. Intelligent design pre-supposes an entity or a set of entities guiding, cajoling, nudging, leading, coercing life down a pathway to greaterhood. This does not give with many current religions' version of the creation story. It does jive, however, with the Judeo-Christian belief system. How odd. So a particular group of people from a particular type of belief system are trying to get something placed into a subject of study so everyone can see the light of their brilliant theory and come running to them so they can be converted to their way of thinking. The problem with that is the separation of church and state, stated in the US Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights. Unless that particular group of people want other creation stories taught in science class that are vastly different from their story they should sit the hell down and shut the hell up. Anyway... I have work that I need to get back to. More to come on this particular rant. Oh, I am not done with you yet, Intelligent Design. It is neither Intelligent nor is it Design, discuss.