Not much to write about today

There is not much going on different today. Just the normal sort of stuff that accompanies my job. When I arrived this morning, there was a significant amount of work waiting for me in my chair. That is fairly typical. I have 4 different mapping activities that need to be done in the near future. Again, fairly typical. Last week, atypical. Had nothing to do, so I went around asking project managers what work needed to get done, and if there were anything we could be working on. Each and every time they each said that "next week we should have stuff for you." And since this is next week, all the pm's are starting to get work to me. Now, I have gone from the proverbial famine, to the proverbial feast. Neither of which is really optimal.

On the one hand, famine is bad because, no work = boring. One can only watch the clock so much before one goes insane.

On the other hand, feast is bad because too much work = not enough attention to detail on some of the work. The devil is in the details, and when there is too much going on, things get missed.

A good middle ground would be nice. It is rough going from 100%+ to nada and back again. Somehow I think this is a time-management thing. I am un-certain if it is clientside, or project manager side, or a little of both, but, nevertheless, it is not the best way to get work accomplished around here.

Anyway... nothing new going on, just the typical feast/famine cycle

Stupid feast/famine cycle.