Healthy Request Frozen Lunches are waaaay too small


Here is the problem, Healthy Request lunches are typically tasty frozen lunches, but their portion size is either for a 7 year old girl or for a European. They always leave me wondering where the rest of it was. Granted, they are probably coprrect size portions for adult humans, but.... I'm an American, and I deserve larger portions. Super Size, King Size, Biggie Size, Up Size, Plus Up It, etc... That's the American way! If my sandwich is smaller than my head, it is a snack. I want a fry size that takes up the entirety of the passerger seat in my car. And I want bacon on that. Bacon should go on everything. It is God's perfect condiment. It is the pig's greatest and last gift bestowed to the human race. If it can have Ketchup, catsup, whatever, it can stand some bacon being thrown on there. Furthermore, because bacon is so superior to most other food stuffs it can also go where ketchup cannot. For instance, I can wrap steak in bacon (some call it "filet mignon", I call it "bacon-steak."), bacon can and should go on a salad, The BLT uses bacon very wisely as well. mmmm bacon. Too bad bacon is horribly not good for you. Canadian bacon though, is another matter entirely. The same salty piggy goodness, just half the fat. The US should invade Canadia just for its Canadian Bacon reserves. Then it could be re-named American Bacon, and then we could get it super-sized.

On another note: What is with Rally's current ad campaign, "You gotta eat." That is basically saying, "We make food, not good food or cheap food, but it is food. Also, we sell it." This in no way shape or form gives me any reason to eat Rally's over any other sustenance. How does my need of food necessitate eating at Ralley's. Now if it was "We will bacon anything up." That's a campaign that I can go for.

So, in summary, Healthy Request Lunches are tasty but too small, bacon is good, and Rally's makes products that, by definition, are edible.

Stupid Rally's