It is a tradition for my wife and I to exchange letters to each other for Christmas. This year, I have decided that I will write this letter in more of a public forum. So beware, schmaltziness ensues, in fact it is going to get downright sickly sweet. Stop reading now if you have a weak constitution for "sweet nothings."


I definitely love you more and more every day. Having a child with you has just magnified this love a thousand fold. Watching you with our little boy makes my heart leap with joy. I look forward to coming home to you, and you coming home to me every day. Every morning when I wake up next to you, I do not want to get out of bed, I want lay around with you and our little one laughing about him flopping around on the bed, you making silly faces with him, and me imitating his babbling sounds and giggles.

I love watching you interact with little man. He loves you so much, and his eyes light up almost as much as mine when he sees you. The tenderness and firmness of your love for the boy has shown me another side of you to love. I now am in love with a mom as well as a the woman I married. (It is good that the two are one in the same, otherwise I am pretty sure how this letter would go over, and it wouldn't be good) You are steadfast in your devotion to your family, and for that I am in love with you. Family definitely is your number one concern.

But I did not fall in love with you because you would (and do) make a great mother. I fell in love with you because you are a strong independent woman, whose intellect and humor are only surpassed by your beauty (both inner and outer beauties, an "all encompassing beauty," if you will). I love making you laugh. I love when you make me laugh. I love discussing ideas (theological, scientific, family of origin stuff, etc...) with you. I love talking about our future together. I love fantasizing about how we would spend lottery winnings together. I loved you when you were my girlfriend, I loved you when you were my fiancé, and I love you as my wife. I am looking forward to the rest of a wonderful life with you.

Sweetheart, I love you so much.

Love Love

Next one is going to be about crappy gifts, so the schmaltziness should be over for now. My apologies to those who were disturbed by the saccharinity of this post.