Winter Wonderland

Yesterday it snowed. Then last night it did some sleet and freezing rain. Then the power went out at 2 am. As far as we know it has yet come back on, and needless to say, the house was getting rather cold. So me, the wife, and the boy decided to visit a friend of the family after we ate lunch because they have this little thing called heat.

We have gas heat that is controlled by an electric thermostat. So it is not the most fool-proof of heating methods I have ever dealt with. We do have a fireplace, and we did fire it up, and it did help. We had to cover the stairway and an archway into the dining room with blankets, so we could trap the heat downstairs. That helped a whole bunch, but, the house just was not staying warm enough, and we were running out of wood. They are saying that the latest that the power will be back on will be tomorrow afternoon. We are hoping that we get it back sooner.

Anyway, ice storms are a nice nice touch, and I do not understand why absolutely nothing seems to have been plowed.