Alive, but not yet kicking

I am sure the kicking will come soon. It is amazing how much work piles up when you are out of the office for a planned vacation, and it is absolutely stunning how much work is piled up when you are out sick. I am completely buried. Job security, gotta love it.

It is also amazing how much of this workload is un-necessarily late getting to me. I guess it is not something that needs to be worked on until it is 2 weeks late. Thanks guys. I guess I will chalk this up to the French saying "Plusque change, plusque la meme chose." The more things change, the more they stay the same. I do not know how many times I have railed against getting work at the last possible instant; I will constantly get work at the last possible instant. Another French saying comes to mind "C'est la vie."

On another note... That was one nasty French Dip Sandwich I had. The restaurant that we were at was one of them there all American restaurants, where the average age of the patron was hovering around 98. Keeping that in mind, I am surprised that it was not called a "Freedom Dip Sandwich." All in all, I thought it tasted fairly good, but it did quite the number on my alimentary canal. At least I can say that I am clean as a whistle.

I guess that sandwich has me thinking all French-like.