Mixed reviews

It has come to my attention that my "Cheese Post" has had a polarizing effect on my readership. Some people love cheese and all things cheesy, and others find the amount of cheese use in the US to be, in fact, over use. I have gotten into many a conversation since the 11th about cheese with various readers of this blog. The split is about 50% for and against my take on cheese consumption in the US. Whether you agree with me or not, at least you are talking avidly and openly about cheese.

I have done what I was hoping for; a more open dialog about the cheese situation in these United States of America. I don't profess to have the answers to humankind’s cheese woes, I just am a single person spouting off my singular cheese opinion. I hope that at dinner tables across my varied and diverse readership cheese conversations are popping up. "Can you believe the 'Under Construction' on the 11th? I cannot believe that that silly bastard doesn't like cheese on every thing...." or "Huzzah and kudos to 'Under Construction' for so eloquently arguing against the over consumption of and over reliance on cheese in the US..." Either conversation gets the ball rolling, and that is what is important.

Communication of ideas and opinions is the only way we, as a people, will ever truly understand each other. Some people's ideas regarding smoked Gouda on a 9 grain bread with roasted turkey breast and bacon don't match what other people think about the same exact sandwich. the only way these people will ever be able to reconcile their differences is to talk about them.

So, I commend you, my readership, for having your frank open dialog regarding cheese. This is the way that understanding is achieved, through communication. Communication about cheese.