Novelty Posting

Okay, so today I am going to bow to my betters.

Today is all about linking to more sarcastic folk than I am.

Firstly, Weight Watchers has been around for a while, and they really do have a better menu now.

The best part about the Internet, is the wealth of useless and limitless information. Case in point: "The Book of Ratings." This is an amusing sight that rates pretty much anytyhing and everything. I suggest finding the post about the Superfriends.

Speaking of Superfrineds Enjoy ... Might not want to look at this one whilst at work.

Finally, a blog that made me want to blog for myself. This blog belongs to Dusty Scott (sure that seems like it is a soap opera name, but one can not hold that against him). This post is the best post known to man. Ever.

make sure you look at the "next entry" button, for even more covers.

Maybe tomorrow I will be inspired to actually write something for myself.