Shake it up

I just thought that I would shake up the formatting in a minor rather superficial way. It is fresh it is new it is just a tad different from the other color scheme.

Just been working hard today getting small stuff done. A little of Project A, a mote of Project B, an ort of Project C, a mite of Project D, skipping Project E, and a heaping hearty healthy portion of Project F. It pays the bills. I have gotten a little bit of flack from co-workers about not having this up-dated earlier in the day, but, I have been working for my job, so I don't really feel I need to explain further. Most of them have been buried today as well. That and I like being a wanted commodity. I cannot believe so many people are interested in my insipid musings. It really is quite flattering, as long as the interest is not in that "sociological experiment" kind of way.

Turns out that the white death will be upon us again. The forecasters are predicting something like 17 feet of snow with 6 inches of ice spikes sticking out of the ground for clumsy winter walkers to impale themselves on. What is funny is that the forecasters really do not forecast like they used to. It used to be a seat of the pants educated judgment made by the highly trained individual by observing current and recent conditions. They made their predictions form that. Now it is all computer modeled simulations. They look at the simulation and make their "predictions." What we see on TV is more of a play-by-play of the simulations. I am not saying that meteorologists are not highly trained and educated individuals. My masters degree program was closely associated with an atmospheric sciences curriculum. Very intelligent people, very intelligent indeed. That being said, the people on TV are typically not the cream of the crop. The creme de la creme are working for NOAA, NWS, or in research universities staying behind the scenes making the modeling software that the TV guys use.

So, due to the impending blizzard conditions, I am going to be going to the store to get water, bread, canned goods, frozen food, and other staples for survival. I want to be well fed when the white apocalypse lays waste to Central Ohio. I will need to be at my best to drive back the throngs of near death, starving, frozen denizens of the Columbus Ice Sheet. I am fairly sure we are gearing up for another epoch of continental glaciations.