Update about Wheezy McAsthma

Little Man is doing better today. He seems to still have a little bit of congestion going on, but his breathing was not as audible this morning. I think he is probably getting a cold, we are just hoping that it won't progress this time. We have been diligently giving him his preventative meds, so we are hoping that they are going to do the trick and keep him from going all asthmatic.

So, little one is doing ok, but work is a different matter all together. We are on version 1.4 of the map that I got to draft form early this morning. I have crossed my fingers and sent the most recent version to the PM for his use. The data that I was given to work with was enigmatic at best, absolutely baffling more than not. Something like 38 layers of information, and none of them with any sort of information about what data was contained on any of the 38 layers. Absolutely tiresome. Back to work for me though.