My dentist is a needy needy black hole of need

My dentist is a great dentist, I just think they are a bit overzealous or something.

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon; they made me schedule this appointment 6 months ago. Just like they make me do every time I go to the dentist. About 3 weeks ago, they called to see if I could drop in to do an appointment because the dentist had an opening. Number 1: Who drops in for a dental appointment? Ooh, ooh can I poke the sleeping bear with the pointy stick, can I? and Number 2: Is the dentist really the person that spends the most time with me during my dental visit? I see the actual dentist for, at most, 5 minutes. Let's be clear, the dental hygienist is the one who's schedule needs an opening. They are the ones who scrape and poke and prod your teeth, use the whirring tooth polisher with its gritty foul tasting glop. They are the people who focus on you for around 30 minutes. The dentist, unless you are getting a filling, looks at your mouth and says, "Yep, still got teeth." or "Ooh, gonna have to make an appointment for me to do some painful things to your mouth."

So, I did not take them up on their offer of an early detal exam. So, yesterday they left a message on the house's voicemail asking me to call and let them know that I am coming to me appointment

"me appointment?" Good Lord, I stop paying direct attention for a second and I start typing like I am a pirate. What the hell I will go with it

on the morrow, arrrgh. I says to me woman, I's do, "Arrgh, Woman! Why's do tha scurvy bastards at the teethery needs me to call them for a meetin' they mades me set up a summer ago? I understands if they be callin' me to reminds them that I gots the appointment, but whys do they be needin' me to call'em back.?" oh yeah "Arrgh!"

Okay enough of the pirate.

Anyway... On top of that, they want me to bring in a listing of all medications that I am currently one. (I will use the numbering system again; it seems to be an effective form of showing my incredulity) Number 1: The list is too long and too varied to bring in. It would take forever and a day for me to compile the list of legal and illegal substances coursing through my veins at the moment. Or maybe I could all 2 of them down and give it to them which leads me to... Number 2: What the Hell does my dentist need to know about my medications? It is none of my dentist's business if I am taking medications, how does this affect tooth decay? Focus on the teeth dental person.

I am fairly certain that we will have a message from the dentist's office again on the home voicemail. They seem to call us a whole bunch. Maybe they are lonely.