Cleaning up just doesn't mean as much as it used to

Cleaning up just doesn't mean as much as it used to. i am tidying my workspace up today, but I am fairly sure that by tomorrow it will be a mess again. And I don't even work on Friday’s. Heck, it is questionable if I worked at all this week. With the little one being sick and my general malaise, I think the effort I have been able to muster has been a bit below par. Did I mention the little one was sick again? Yep, he has a cold. We are hoping that said cold does not progress into something asthmatic, but that would be a first since in 6 months. We are not terribly hopeful.

Back to the topic at hand.... I remember when I first started working at this wondrous company, when I cleaned my desk, it stayed clean for like a month. Now, with all this crap filtering through to me, I am lucky if I see desktop for more than a day. That saying about cluttered desk: cluttered mind... well, it is appropriate to a point. The mind has been going this way and that for a while now. It has been somewhat difficult to focus on one task at a time recently, but I think a lot of that has to do with the amazing number of tasks that I have coming at me regularly.

Speaking of regular, the little boy is now eating oatmeal. Eat your heart out Wilfred Brimley. He also has been only eating things that has been closely associated with vast amounts of tomatoes during the cooking process. That amazing consumption of the fruity vegetable has caused a bit of a reaction to the citric acid found in the tomatoes. He still only wants tomato based stuff. I guess he will be rashy for a while then.

And to the topic at hand.... More tasks seem to have exponentially increased the amount of physical crap I have to deal with in my deskish area. That and supervising two people seems to have increased the clutter in my head. Maybe a clean desk will help the old noggin as well.

Speaking of Noggin, the little one loves to watch Blues Clues. I find it to be an odd show to say the least, but if he likes it, then it is a great odd show.

Back to topic... Clean is good. Ummm... I think that is it for the day.