Bad naming convention

So, in a conversation that I had with a friend earlier this morning, He came up with one of the worst names I have ever heard. Luckily it is a fictitious name, so no harm, no foul. The name he came up with was "Percival VonBeatme." Other than some laws on the books, this is the reason that I think he is not allowed to reproduce. His is a genetic line that should die with him, but he has brothers with kids, so it won't. I am holding out that eventually Darwin will end that line or dilute it to the point of obscurity. Thank you Darwin. The existence of his brothers' children is irrefutable evidence that Intelligent Design is not a valid theory. It has to be just dumb luck that has gotten that gene pool mistake this far. If I did not know better his family probably has webbed feet or some such. Mutant. And I say all of that with love and kindness.

This does make me wonder about how bad names could be. My doctor's last name is Butcher. I am glad she never went into surgery. "Paging Dr. Butcher to the O.R. Dr. Butcher to the O.R."
Sounds almost like a crappy super villain. But my docs name does not really enter in to what I am talking about. What I am talking about is just plain bad made up names such as Percival VonBeatme. Just plain horrid names. Not the ones that Bart pranks Moe with, a la "Amanda Hugginkiss." Or those faux authors who wrote faux books, a la "Yellow Snow by I.P. Freely." I'm talking about just plain crappy fictitious names. Everybody comes up with them to talk about people either that we know or people we have encountered that we did not know their names. It’s human nature to make fun of those we know, and especially those we do not.

For example when someone I know does something inherently clumsy, I would call them "Trippy McFallsalot." If someone I do not know does something rather clumsy I refer to them as something like Edna Fumblefoot or Mike Kersplatsky. Absurdly naming those we know and do not know is fun and, typically, funny. Percival VonBeatme would be the kid you did not know who always got their lunch money taken. As a side note, any name with Floyd or Wayne in it is typically comedy gold.

On another note: Little one is on Orapred again. Ergo, he is a cranky little boy now. Oh well, today is his last day of that medicine.