I promised myself

I promised myself that I would add to this blog for everyday that I went into work, but I have to tell you folk out there that sometimes it is not the easiest of tasks to accomplish. I do not have that exciting of a life. The material is just plain lacking. It is difficult to come up with topics every day of the week, so many of my topics and posts end up being rather weak. I guess I could start limiting the posts to days when I have something interesting to say, but I am really not that interesting, so the posts would become very few and far between. Then I would start to lose the few people that actually read this thing, and then I would no longer have any reason to continue adding to this.

So I continue to try and come up with witty posts that typically are about nothing. It is a difficult task, to say the least.

Anyway... onto today's topic....

I got nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, that is not entirely true. I have things that are going on right now, that I am not going to write about. I have made the conscious decision to not talk about anything private, anything concerning my pathetic past-time, and most things political. These are promises that I made to my friends and family so that they could be comfortable with the existence of this blog. Just like the fact that I never use anyone's name when I am talking about events that have occurred. Keeping things anonymous can sometimes be tricky.

Anyway... back to the topic at hand... I have things that have occurred that would be good fodder for the blogging environment, but they are voluntarily taboo, so you are not going to hear about them. So instead, I hope I have something interesting to post about tomorrow.