The word "Wednesday" is derived from Nordic words meaning "Wodan's Day" or the day named after the King of the Norse gods. In the Germanic and Nordic cultures prior to the introduction of Christianity into those cultures, Wednesday was the beginning of the week. "Thursday" was named for Thor, Wodan's son, and "Friday" for Frigga the goddess of married love (interesting that the Norse had married love and un-married love have their own goddesses. "Tuesday" was named for the Norse god of war, Tyr. "Sunday" and "Monday" were named after the celestial bodies the Sun and the Moon, but what I do not understand is "Saturday." Looking it up online "Saturday" is derived from Saturn's day (referring to the planet, not to the Greek father of the gods). All the days of the week are associated with Germanic and Nordic histories except for Saturday. Why is that? I am fairly sure that the Norse did not call Saturn by that name. That is a Greek name; all the planets have Greek names. Should "Saturday" be something else? I think so. Discuss...

Useless knowledge. When one a font of Useless Knowledge, one must spout Useless Knowledge. If I have taught anyone anything, then I have accomplished something. Something useless? Yes, something useless.


Currently, I am making this blog entry to keep myself from focusing on the huge pile of work that is waiting on me and my 2 intrepid cartographers. It is a big pile of work and it seems to be staying at a steady state. It is neither growing nor is it getting smaller, no matter how much work I accomplish. So, currently we are getting new tasks at the same rate that we can accomplish old tasks. I am sure there is a differential equation in there somewhere that I could come up with, but I am choosing not to. The newest thing that I have to do is my employee reviews. This being a boss thing really is a pain in the butt. I now have to rate my "2 intrepid cartographers" as realistically and as fairly as possible. It is an odd rating process that we have in the first place, so it will be an odd exercise for me to accomplish anyway. How do you give an ordinal ranking to the concept of someone having "Integrity?" By the purely physical definition both of them have quite a lot of integrity. If someone places them on a vibrating plate they do not shake apart, and if I put them in the sun (sun shine you literal reading bastards, If I had the power to place people inside the Sun, let's just say there is a running mental list, and they are not near the top of it) they will not melt. That shows a whole bunch of Integrity right there.

Our company has this new ridiculous notion that we need to rate employees by their adherence to our 6 "core values." These are Integrity, Respect, Client-Focus, Teamwork, Excellence, and Innovation. So how does one rate Excellence? Just an odd concept to say the least.

I am also getting ready to go and pick up a prescription for my little one. We ran out of his rescue inhaler medicine this morning, and that is something that we really should keep around. Currently he has a bit of a cold, and again we are attempting to keep that cold from developing into anything asthmatic. So far so good, but it is too early to tell if we are out of the woods yet.

Boy, this one is rather disjointed today. I guess that is because I started writing it at 9:30 this morning, and I have not been able to devote any sustained amount of time to finishing it up. Oh well 30 minutes till I make my pilgramige to the paharmacy, I guess I could try to work for a bit again.