Look behind you!!!

Okay, since I have a 1.58333 year old, I have the wonderful pleasure of watching young children's programming. If the show is not some acid trippy frolic through a primary color infused post apocalyptic world (think Teletubbies and Boo-Bah), there is one situation that inevitably arises... especially in a show with an ensemble cast. One of the characters is trying to find one of the other characters.

For example, on the Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney it was a JoJo's Circus weekend. This means that the scheduling wizards in the Magic Kingdom decided that instead of showing their normal variety of shows, they would instead only show JoJo's Circus. It is a cute show, but it is also the worst offender in the search for another character shows. Every episode starts out with JoJo introducing herself and her pet lion, Goliath. Her pet lion always "hides" from her when she tries to introduce him to the viewing public. It sounds something like, "Hi, I'm JoJo, and this is my pet lion, Goliath." She points to an empty area next to her feet. "Now where is that silly lion?" Invariably, the lion is hiding behind her, and not well, I might add. If he were well hidden I would not be able to see his oddly shaped mane of hair or his twitching tail. He is hiding behind a drum smaller than his head, a small sapling, a piece of lint, something else entirely not large enough to hide behind, etc... If this were the plains of the Serengheti, JoJo would be Goliath's breakfast, and Goliath would be out of dim enough prey when the clown was gone. Back to the topic at hand... If JoJo would turn around she would see her ill-hidden big cat, every single flippin' time. Her thought should be, "Where is that silly lion? Maybe I should look behind me."

I understand that the kid's shows want to engage the viewing children and have them scream out at the tv, "JOJO!! HE'S BEHIND THE PIC-NIC BASKET!!!" And have the character react to the children yelling at the screen. It is just soooooo tired. Every episode of that show, and eventually at least 4 or 5 episodes of other shows. It is getting to be a bit old and uninspired. Dora, your monkey is behind you. If I had a nickel for every time I had to tell someone that the monkey was behind them.... Captain Feathersword, look behind you, Wags is drenching you with water, it is not raining, and you are an idiot.

Oh well, back to the grind.