Good Lord! it is gorgeous outside, the 'rents redux, and "whar you from?"

My, my, my, it is an absolutely gorgeous day outside. Nary a cloud to be seen and the temps ranging about the low 70's. Abso-frikkin-lutely beautiful!!! Too bad it is Wednesday and we are all working.

The parental units will be in town tonight for dinner. We are hoping that they will pay, but that is not a given. They will also be bringing along the nephews. They always bring the nephews. The nephews are good kids, they are just neglected which can make them difficult to be around. On a good note, my parents actually want to spend time with my bro's boys, so that is a good thing. My parents need the attention and the boys need attention as well. The big problem is that the US Men's National Soccer team is playing Guatemala tonight in Birmingham, Alabama for a World Cup Qualifier. I will most likely not be able to watch the game due to family pressures. Stupid Family.

Many people here have asked me, since I hail from the greater metropolitan region of the booming megapolis known as the "Magic City," or Birmingham "Why the Hell are they playing in Birmingham, Alabama?!!?!?" My answer is "Home field advantage." There are not going to be a gigantic contingent of Guatemalan fans making the trek to Legion Field. Legion Field is in a not-so-great-neighborhood in a not-so-great-city in a not-so-great-state. To top it all off the city is full of raging redneck racists. I can see it now.... (mainly because I have actually seen it)

"We 'Mercans don't like you ferners coming an takin our jobs. Whar you from anyway... Mexicali?" Racial epithets to be followed closely by over-used and probably mis-appropriated stereotypes as well as racial slurs that may or may not be associated with Guatemalans. It is a beautiful place.