I am not known for being a maven of style and trendiness but I think I have a lock on some trends. Okay, I know that some people feel the need to wear scents, aromas, odors ect... but good God almighty, why bathe in the stuff. It would be one thing if it were 17th century France and we needed to mask our lack of bathing stink and chamber pot odors, but we live in a time where people bathe regularly and we have flushing toilets. Sure the toilets sometimes smell like ass, but the ass stench is typically limited to the confines of the restroom area.

"Restroom," what an odd word. Who is resting in there? and why? "Bathroom" makes more sense because, at least in the house, it is often associated with a commode. If we go all British and call it the "Lavatory" it is basically the equivalent of washroom from the French verb "laver" meaning "to wash." "Water Closet" makes sense to a point as well. I personally like to think that the bathroom/restroom/ water closet/ lavatory/ whatever should be called the "defecation room" or something else like that. Who are we kidding. Everybody poops, everybody pees, everybody generates waste products of some form or another, let's just call that room what it is, "the pooper", "the crapper", "the Reliefroom" if you need.

Anyway.... Where was I, oh yes, perfume... There are a couple of people here at my work that must have showered in fragrance (and cheap fragrance at that) before they left their respective abodes in the morning. The vaporous cloud of odor emanating form these people is absolutely stunning. I was walking about 10 feet behind one woman at my office and nearly fell over, succumbing to the fumes. I am fairly sure if I were not in a well ventilated area at the time, I would not be posting right now due to lack of oxygen to my brain. Everyone out there should know that it is not necessary to be able to smell your fragrance from 20 feet away. Ever. I should not see perfume wafting off of someone. If one can see your perfume, you are wearing too much. It is a simple rule of thumb.

Oh well, I guess my ranting has run its course for the day.