It is a Wednesday

How's that for a title? "It is a Wednesday." Has kind of an indisputable air to it. No one can really refute this assertion, for, it is, in fact a Wednesday. Reminds me of the Ralley's slogan "You gotta eat." Quite possible the most non-commital slogan ever.

Here are some other slogans that would be akin to the Ralley's motto.

Delta: "We own planes."
Price Phister Faucets: "Water comes out here."
Mead Paper Products: "Hey, you can write on this stuff, or print on this stuff as well, if you want."
Texas: "It's a state!"
Dollar Store: "Crap for a Buck!"
3M: "MMM"
Johnsons & Johnsons: "Bathroom Crap"
Beef: "You eat it."
Eggs: "From a chicken's ass to your plate... with a smile."
Pork: "It's not beef, chicken, or fish."
Cirque Du Soleil: "Where else are you going to see French acrobats?"
Heinz: "Ketchup"

Anyway... The little one is doing better, but I do not think that he is out of the woods just yet. That being said, one of my co-workers mentioned that my boy sure does make a bee-line for the woods when he sees them. I am not sure what it is about the woods that makes him run for them and linger within them for so long. Oh well, he is not out of the woods yet, but he is working on it.

Oh well.... off to work for me