One heckuva Weekend

Okay, so my "weekend" started with getting sick Wednesday evening. Thursday was an experience in "evacuation." Luckily the little one who was still sick was at our child care person’s. All I had to do was sleep, recuperate, and "evacuate."

So here comes Friday...I was feeling much better. I was not hungry yet, but I was feeling fine. The little one, however, was taking a turn for the worse. He was coughing a whole helluva lot, not able to get comfortable, generally not in a good mood. It was happily my Papa Day. Since I typically work 4 x 10's Fridays are usually my wonderful day with my boy. March 11th was not a fun Papa Day. Turns out we eventually had to go to get a chest x-ray for the little one. He had/has pneumonia. Luckily (and this is an odd statement to say the least) it seems to be bacterial pneumonia. He is responding very well to anti-biotics.

Unfortunately, he also has been on rather heavy doses of steroids as well (Orapred anyone?) so he has not been able to sleep very well. Yesterday was the last day of the Orapred, so last night, we are hoping, was the last night of "steroid sleep." "Steroid sleep" is a state of sleep where the individual is not really at a complete state of rest. Kind of constantly in a light sleep where any and all noises/movements/thoughts/ideas can and will wake a person up. Little man woke up this morning at around 6:00am and couldn't get back to sleep. We are hoping that this changes. Coupled with the lack of ability to sleep is an insatiable thirst. He drank all night long. His diapers in the mornings have been rather heavy and near the point of total saturation. He seems to go from a stone dry diaper to a gushing sponge of disintegrating mush within a 30 minute span. I am sure that this is ever so comfortable for him.

So last night he was having difficulty getting to sleep due to his severe constipation. My wife assures me that constipation is no longer a problem, in fact if she were to name a city after him, today it would be Old El Paso.

So now we are back to the daily grind. At least we hope.