My little one is miserable

It seems that nasty bug that has been hitting everyone so hard has finally tagged my little one. He is just feeling horrible, but that is the way of things during flu and cold season.

But on to less personal matters....

My wife and her mom went to The Vagina Monologues over the weekend. Initially my wife asked me if I wanted to go to the play with her, but I decided that it would not really be a dramatic vehicle that I would appreciate. 8 monologues about women and their lives and times in association with their hoo-hahs is not really in my realm of interest. Not my cup of tea. I hear it ius a very affirming play for women to experience, and I would not wish to intrude upon that I would rather stay home and kill orcs in my online game, thank you very much.

Online gaming has revolutionized long distance friendships. It used to be that occasionally I would get the chance to chat with my friends who live out of state, but never more than one friend at a time. I know that three-way calling has existed for a very long time, but I was never able to really get into that. On 3-way calls people continually interrupted each other, and it was difficult to really follow conversations, at least for my weak mind. Anyway... now online games allow for friends separated by significant geographic distances to "meet" and "interact" with each other in a virtual setting. Honestly, we do much more interesting things online than we could ever do in real life. Drinking root beer at a local park while throwing a frizz-bee at 1 am (we were rebels, the root beer was IBC, the frizz-bee was Wam-o, and the park was nearly deserted) is not nearly as interesting as killing quilboars that have infringed on our tauren tribal lands. Damn Pigs!!!! we will kill you all!!!! Fridays are now my boys night in. I join some of my friends for some online gaming and attempt to save the virtual world. Boy, I am quite the geek.

Oh well, I have work to get to now.