Recently it has come to my attention that some might think that I did not take my employees' reviews seriously due to my ramblings on February 17th. I can completely see where someone might get that idea, but I do want to state that I did spend a good amount of time thinking about and filling out my reviews. I find the system within I must review to be tedious, laborious, asinine, and somewhat arbitrary, but I did take my time and seriously consider my answers and overall evaluations of my "staff." The system I was working within seems to be inherently flawed, but one uses the tools that are available. I hope that my "staff" realizes that I tried to be very impartial and analytical in my reviews, and that (within the current evaluation framework) I was as realistic and true as I could be.

Now my review with the employees is looming. In the next few weeks I will need to talk to them individually and go over why I graded them how I did. I am certain that they will not agree with all of my points, but I do think that they will agree with my overall review of their performance.

Currently, I am at work to make up for the time that I missed last week due to the scheduling snaffu with our kid's caregiver. Oh well, that happens. At least I am allowed to make up the time, and I do not have to use my already paltry amount of PTO. So I am here after-hours now to work on that graphic that was needed for the meeting a week and a half ago that depicts a lack of impacts. How's that for irony. Although I am fairly sure that there is a certain amount of necessity to the working at non-standard times to fulfill a non-standard request.

Back to the grind.