Obligatory "Beware the Ides of March!" Post

Caesar was an idiot. His dressing... not so bad, but the Pro-consul for life had some failings (other than epilepsy, which was not his fault).

Now, I say this on the condition that he was actually warned by the crazy old fool. Then again, we do not know if Caesar was getting wacked-out old people warning him about everyday either. I could very well see every time he went into public some crack-pot eldster calling out to him, "Beware the 5th of June!!!!!" While some other geezer shouted, "No, Great Caesar, beware April 10th!!!!" While some third old man shouted, "While you should be wary on April 10th and June 5th, might I suggest that you also be mildly trepidatious about February 30th. I see splinters in your near future."

Seeing how Caesar hates a good splintering, you can see why he shortened the month of February to 29 Days. Octavian took the other day and gave it to August. So much is clearer now.

Maybe the old man warning him about the Ides of March was wearing a sandal on his head, and we all know what that means.... I know I would never go outside if I listened to all the crazy coots shouting out days to “beware.” If I had a nickel for every time some insane octogenarian warned me about a particular day…. Rich I tell you, Rich!!!

Update: little one watch

He seems to be doing well, we are just worried since his immune system seems to be taxed at the moment and so much other crud is going around. I hear it all gets better right around the time when a small one turns 2. Everyone with kids here continues to tell me that a whole bunch of illnesses stop around 2. That doesn’t explain why my wife is sick though…