A promise is a promise, so here it is:

My post about penguins.

Penguins have always intrigued me. They are such an odd evolutionary step. Just plain bizarre. Their adaptations for living in the extremely cold climates of the southern hemisphere really makes one wonder why the ancestor little birds didn't say, "Good gaddamnit!!!! It's flipping cold! I'm moving away from here!" and then subsequently move. Instead some birds said, "Screw all y'all, I'm staying!" Subsequently they got fat, lost the ability to fly, and determined that waddling was the best means of locomotion on the ice sheets. If polar bears where in the southern hemisphere, you can bet good money that they would be snacking on emperors. Hell, if a polar bear can kill a whale, I am sure a penguin would be no trouble at all. Penguins can move in the water, but out of the water, they are worse than sitting ducks. As it is orcas and sea lions are really the only predators of these majestic birds of the sea. So far the best documentary I have ever seen about the penguin is from the Blue Planet series produced by the BBC and Discovery Channel, and it was only a small segment of one of the hour long specials.

Penguins are funny. They make me laugh.

Anyway.... All is well and right in the world of childcare again. The woman who watches the boy is back from the hospital. Only 2 weeks in the hospital that did not diagnose what was causing the problem. But that being said... the juggling of schedules is at an end for the moment. He is back to spending q time with his surrogate grand-parents. With all that happiness in tow, we (the wife and me) realized that the little one seems to really dig being around other kids. So now we need to start thinking about integrating his little butt into society.