ADD/ADHD and the dreaded N-Word

My review went very well, even if it did not last terribly long. I was a little upset by the lack of scheduling and the brevity of the review, but the marks I got were nice enough, so I really should not complain much. I will, but I should not. The universal thing to bitch about is money, and I am from this universe baby. I need mo money!!!!! The next step is for me to set up my expectations for the up-coming year. That always ends up being more difficult than it should be. If they were merely goals, it would not be so bad, but they are "expectations" so I think I will be aiming low.

Edit: My boss just left for the day without giving me my numbers. I guess I will get it tomorrow.

A little more meaty matter....

I overheard (eavesdropped, if you will) a conversation about ADD or ADHD in kids, and the rampant diagnosing of this/these conditions. One of the participants felt that ADD (for simplicity's sake I will not continually use ADD/ADHD) did not really exist, and that it was just "kids with bad parents who do not teach them to pay attention." The other combatant in this conversation held the position that it was under-diagnosed earlier and that it is just now being properly medicated and taken care of. I fall somewhere ion the middle of this argument.

I have met kids with true ADD. There was on kid that I went to school with that if he was off his medication would eventually start chewing on furniture after doing about 300 hundred laps around the room while talking 10 miles a minute about whatever came into his head (oftentimes it was about sports statistics).

On a side note: this was also a kid that was disappointed (as well as his parents) that he did not get a full scholarship to Auburn University for never missing a day of school in his life. That's right, he never missed a day of school in his 12 year primary education life. Ever. At all. Granted ADD was not his only issue, but he really had it, and he had it badly.

On a side, side note: This child is the product of parents that made a racial slur... did I type "a racial slur?" I meant "the" racial slur, the big gun, the slur that separates the klansmen from the klansboys, the, shudder to see it posted, N-WORD!!!!!, while myself, my best friend, my neighbor's mom, and my biracial fiancé (fiancé at the time, now wife of over 7 years) were unfortunately catching a ride with them after one of the Olympic soccer games being held in Birmingham, Al at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. I did mention biracial fiancé, didn't I? After insulting the policeman of African geneology (I didn't mention that part, did I? The parents of said ADD kid used THE racial epithet when referring to a cop), the driver of the vehicle must have realized that there was a person of color in the car when most of the car's occupants stopped talking entirely, and she addressed my fiancé with the innocuous question, "So who are you, honey?". We still laugh about that event to this day.

Anyway... back to the topic at hand...

So I have seen where it is an actual no questions asked diagnosis, but there are also tons of kids out there getting medicated for this disorder who really just need to get some attention themselves. They are acting out in behaviors that are negative and destructive because it gets them attention, and for them any attention is good attention. One of my nephews is this case, in my expert cartographic medical opinion. This kids calms down and interacts really well and pays attention when he is engaged and interacted with. In this case I feel this poor kid is being medicinialized instead of parented.

Oh well, off to work...