So.... I re-read yesterday's post and guess what I saw? Complete lunacy. Yup, completely lunatical ramblings. I might as well have been wearing a boot on my head for the amount of sense that I was making. I apologize for that, I was rather tired, and a bit cranky. So today, I strive for coherence, and not just, molecular coherence this time. On to the post of the day...

Today is my wife's first day of work at her new job. She really has no real idea as to what she will be doing on a day-to-day schedule, but that is half the fun of this job. It sounds as if she will be able to sort of carve out what her position will be. It sounds exciting, but I think today will be filled with HR formalities for the most part, and we all know that those are soooo much fun. I am sure she will have to endure many a 20 minute tape on various university policies. I wish her well today, and I cannot wait to hear about her day.

Anyway... I know some people who are intensely competitive, and what I have noticed is that if you are competing with everybody for everything, you will lose all the time. No matter how much money they make, Bill gates will always make more. No matter how much exercise they get, there are those insane idiots who do nothing but exercise. If they buy an SUV, a new bigger and "better" one will come out. There is not a chance of winning. Keeping up with the Jones's is a foolhardy past-time. Interesting thought about competitive people, if they are always competing with you, buy them a car. They will be required by competitive law to buy you a nicer one.