Soooo, I had to come in stupid early today

I had to get to work stupid early today. Butt crack of dawn early. Should have gone to bed early. My eyes! MY EYES! THEY BURN!!!! early. I hate leaving for work so early that when I start my car a wake up birds! Birds I tell you Birds! Birds never sleep, birds are always awake, watching me, judging me, following me .... Please forgive me, I am heartily sleep deprived. As a side note, I almost typed "depraved" instead of "deprived." That mistyping would have altered the meaning fairly radically.

Anyway... the emergency, the fire, the calamity that was the public involvement meeting preparation was not so much of a disastrous hurricane as a drizzly rain, not so much of a raging inferno as a freshly struck match-stick near a bucket of water. I came in way to early for the lack of work that had to be done. But, this is why I get paid the big bucks, and, let's be clear, by "big bucks" I mean "coins found in seat cushions."

Updates: This weekend was a better one for the little man. He actually got to see two playgrounds on Saturday and then have some serious indoor fun on Sunday afternoon. He definitely seems to have gotten through this cold without having to go on powerful steroids and without a visit to the ER much less the doctor. It is really an amazing feat for the little one. We are quite proud. His little lungs are getting to be big boy lungs.

The caregiver is feeling much better and the hemorrhaging is taken care of, so another round of free child care this week. Cannot promise anything for next week though.

Recently I have been thinking about the amazing levels of denial that my family (family growing up, not current family) cling to and thrive within. Nothing in particular has brought this thought about, but it has been swirling around in my jumbled cranium for bit now. It truly is amazing that they are allowed to vote, or operate heavy machinery. I one of the most blatant and easily noticeable feats of denial is their willingness not to see racism in Alabama even when some of the people in their Sunday school class also belong to the Klan. Just are not willing to see. It also helps that they are middle aged white folk in suburban Alabama.

The funny thing about privilege is that those of us that have it, do not notice it, because it is transparent to us. We are on the inside looking out with our rose colored glasses. I am a heterosexual white middle class male between the ages of 18 and 45. I have an amazing amount of privilege that I would not have even remotely been aware of if I were not married to a woman of color and now the father of a child of color.

Oh well, it is time for lunch. So lets review: Burning tired eyes are bad. I am suspicious of birds... they know why. The hurricane of changes I expected this morning, turned out to be morning dew. I wish I made more money. Little man did not have to go to see medicalk professionals this time around. We have child care this week!!! My childhood family is in amazing amounts of denial. I need Lunch.