Geeky Thursday

So, I am trying something new today for posting to this here blog. I am first writing this out in Microsoft Word… All hail the great Gatesean Powers!!!, and then copying it into Blogger. Before hand I would type everything out in the teeny tiny little text entry window Blogger provides and then copy everything into word for spell checking purposes. Then I copy all that into Blogger again for the final publish. So today, I will be attempting to remove one of my many laborious steps. So tell me if you notice anything different.

I now understand why George Lucas’s wife left that un-communicative son of a bitch. That man could not dialog his way out of a paper bag. To illustrate the point, he made three new movies to emphasize his lack of ability in the areas of human and, oddly enough, alien dialog. In movie one he had a talentless hack of a child actor ask “Are you an angel?” That just does not happen. In movie 2 he had some of the worst dialog ever made between 2 love interests. In movie 3 he had the love talk devolve into Seinfeldian “You’re Schmoopy.” “No, you’re Schmoopy.” “I am only Schmoopy, because you are Schmoopy.” Ladies, the man makes more money than most countries, but you could communicate easier with a box of Wheaties. I can only imagine the consternation of his wife whenever she tried to have a serious discussion with him. This is only alluding to his lack of effective communication, not even considering his bizarre ideas around the topic of love. That is a topic for another discussion.

The dialog in the Star Wars Movies absolutely sucks. It absolutely has sucked, absolutely sucks, and absolutely will suck from now until eternity. Lucas is an amazing editor, a passable executive producer/director, an okay screen writer, a horrible director, and an abyssimal dialogist. The only movie where the dialog worked for the Star Wars franchise was the one Lucas had the least involvement with.

Overall the latest Star Wars flick is an enjoyable romp through the Sci-Fi universe. I found it to be a nice little movie that really helped to bridge the gap between original series and the new series. He makes lots and lots of parallel images to the original series of movies, but there are some rather unnecessary ones as well. I am interested in taking some time out of my life and watching all 6 movies in order to see how the story plays out in succession, but that is the geek in me talking. The parent in me knows that there is no way in hell that I could get that amount of time together for that frivolous of an activity.

On to another matter entirely, it seems the little one has stopped his sleep strike, or, at least he took a day off of it yesterday. He slept wonderfully last night. It was very deep sleep, and I hope he feels nice and rested now.

I feel like I need something to rant about, but most everything right now seems to be really middle of the road intensity. Nothing is really riling me up in a way such to cause a rant of spectacular proportions. That being said, nothing is really going on that is gloriously divine either. So, all in all, it is pretty much a blah kind of intensity surrounding me. Consider it a sphere of mediocrity that is surrounding me.

In review: Removal of one step in the process has not made anything easier. M&M’s do melt in your hand, those lying bastards!!! Lucas is a horrid one on one communicator, even his interviews suck. Flannel shirts are in style for men who have more money than God. “You are only so beautiful because I love you so much” should never be dialog in a movie. “I came here to kick ass and chew Bubble gum, and I am, all out of bubble gum.” Should be dialog in more movies. Star Wars dialog sucks, you scruffy looking nerf herder! Who’s scruffy lookin! Movie was okay, but not earth shattering. Little one needs his sleep. I need something to rant about. Blah!