Getting your Geek on

So, experts estimate that 627 million dollars will be lost in productivity today and tomorrow due to the release of a movie. So many people will be calling off from work to go see the movie, that 627 million dollars worth of work will not be generated today and tomorrow. Hey, everybody this is a movie! IT is not the end-all be-all movie either. We are talking about a movie here that will be out for at least 2 months. You can watch it later. They will let you. I mean, we are not talking about a video game launch here, we are talking about a movie.

On a side note: no one at my work wanted to have a 3 hour "meeting" today at the local Movie-Plex 72.

Anyway... this article does not take into account just how much productivity has been lost due to people talking about seeing the movie, or anticipating the movie, or their own interpretations of how the movie should have been made, or how Lucas sucks as a director, or any of that jazz. By the way... every one knows Lucas sucks as a director, he made Howard the Duck. Hey, Lucas! Hire a writer and cut one of the fx scenes, Damnit!

Anyway 2... Work is not letting up; it is piling up, but not letting up. Upward movement is good, right?