Workity Work Work Work

The floodgates have opened. The other shoe has dropped. The kid gloves have come off. Work has heated up to a boiling frenzy. There is work to be done.

The calm before the storm is over, and now the storm, it is a'ragin'. I have 5 projects that have all decided to raise their respective ugly heads, and only 3 ugly heads to throw at the 5 projects. Chaos is reigning. Damn you chaos! Damn you to Hell!

Anyway... I am not much of an activist. I don't march, go to demonstrations, or any of that other crap, but I protest things that I think are wrong in more quite subtle ways. I try to point out in a healthy manner when someone is being inadvertently something-ist. For example... the word "gypped" is a racial slur against the Roma or Gypsies. When people use that word, I mention that it is a racial slur. Some people take that message in, some people say that it is such a small population that it doesn't matter or that the word has been used that way for sooooo long it has lost its meaning, etc... Anyway... that is how I try to affect social change.

Well, I am going to actively protest something by imposing my own boycott. I will be boycotting The Revenge of the Sith during its opening weekend because Lucas made a mockery of the Star Wars franchise with Attack of the Clones and The Phantom Menace. Lucas does not get any of my money to bolster his opening weekend box-office gross profit. I will wait until next week to see the movie. That'll show him. There will be a few less dollars in his room full of money at Skywalker Ranch that he rolls around naked in.

So to Mr. Lucas I say, I will only be watching this last movie, so I can get closure on this space opera. And when the DVD comes out, I will only buy it because I need to complete the set. So put that in your flannel shirt pocket and wear it, you bearded bastard!