Glad it is a holiday weekend

I am sooo happy that this is a long weekend. That way I get to spend more time with my family, prop up my feet and relax.

Well, that is what it would have been like had our god-forsaken client not decided that he needed to come up with some new stuff that we need to work on prior to a meeting on Thursday. I could go on and on about the particulars, but I will not. (Turns out there were more than a few bored readers from my Hedges post.) Suffice it to say, on Friday the client asked the company to redesign some stuff for this meeting that will be occurring on Thursday. Thursday is less than 7 days away from Friday (last I checked), but the client wants to review our final products prior to them being used in the meeting on Thursday. Therefore we need to have everything ready for Wednesday. The team who will be doing the meeting will leave Wednesday afternoon at latest, so to give the client adequate review time, and us enough time to implement changes and print it out, so everything needs to be done by Tuesday. But the client also wants to review the redesign before we do any final graphic work on the stuff. One of the highway design people came in all day yesterday to do these designs, so the client has the information, but we are waiting on the client’s okay. Since this is a holiday weekend, the client will not be reachable until Tuesday. Does anyone else see an issue with this time schedule?

This seems to happen a bunch in my industry. The client asks for a litany of changes at the last moment and then becomes un-reachable for review, until it is too late. The only good part of this is that I get overtime. My wife has been more than understanding about this, but it still sucks. Stupid work.