Holiday's seem like any other days

So holidays lose much of their flavor when you have to work through them.

Oh well, this pays the bills just fine and dandy. I will miss spending time with the boy, but I could get him a new pair of shoes. Yea! Me!

Currently, I am being the horrible task-master for my 2 intrepid cartographers as well. They are dutifully coming in on their holiday day off and plodding through getting this work done. This behavior is almost purely out of the goodness of their hearts, but they like getting paid extra as well.

On to something different… the little one is starting to sing and dance. He has got good pitch and his rhythm is pretty good as well. He likes Green Day, Joss Stone, the Gorillaz, and U2 as well as the Wiggles, Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House, and various Sesame Street Songs. Fairly eclectic tastes for an almost 2 year old. When Gorillaz come on the TV he puts his head down, stomps, and waves his arms about “like he just don’t care.” U2 is more of a bobbing motion than stomping. Joss Stone pretty much just captivates him. He just stares intently at the screen until her video is over. Green Day gets much the same response as Bear, a stompy feel-good happy time. The Wiggles and Sesame Street get some movement and some stomping, but let’s be clear, little man recognizes that they are kids’ music, and only gives them token lip service. He has sophisticated tastes, and is not easily swayed by kiddy stuff. He’s a big boy now.

Oh well, Back to work.