Sanity is a one trick pony

To quote the Tick (did I mention I loved cartoons?), "The problem with sanity, is that it is a one trick pony. Now with insanity, the sky is the limit."

Truer words have never been uttered. Granted, truer words have been said, exposited, mumbled, or shouted, but never uttered. Never. When one is grounded in reality, one is limited by that very same reality. Not so when one does not recognize reality. I think my parents are fortunate enough to not be based in reality. They, however, are not based in any sort of interesting insanity. Turns out their insane existence, is really more inane than insane, but, for the record, it still ain't reality.

Just an FYI here: When I start mouthing off about my parents in generalities, I have absolutely nothing to write about. Nothing Nothing Nothing. Back to the boring post about my parental units' lack of interesting surreality.

Anything my Parental Units (PU's) do not understand, they immediately assume superiority to, in some way shape of form. For instance, it was not until 2 years ago that they bought a new VCR. Their first VCR was purchased in the early 1980's and I swear most of it was made from stone and wood and used some form of internal combustion engine to watch movies. When they purchased said VCR it cost, I am sure over $1000 and weighed at least 40 lbs. It was one of the 1st generation front loading VCR's with a cordless remote.

Boy, I dated myself with that reference. I am sure some of you reading this didn't know that VCR's could be top-loading, and you are wondering about the phrase "cordless remote."

Anyway... It was swanky and the best one could get as a top-of-the -line off-brand. I think it was a "Sany,""Zanith," or "Magnetvox" or some such nonsense. Anyway... 2 years ago they bought a new VCR. I am sure you are wondering where the lack of reality is for them in this purchase, and at the moment, I am as well. I have completely forgotten where I was going with this tale of the VCR. Well, let me see... I believe it has to do with their disdain for the "new DVD things." You see to them DVD's are not a proven technology, you know like 8-track tapes and am radio. So instead of getting a DVD player they bought a VCR. Umm, okay... that was not a good example. Hmmm let me see...

There was this time when one PU said that we (Wife and I) should not buy stamps at the Post Office, “because they cost more there.” That is not so much of an example of there superiority as much as an indication that they are stuck in 1981. In ’81 if one bought stamps from a stamp vending machine at the post office, one received change in stamps. It sucked, what the hell could you do with 25 one-cent stamps. Dated myself again, didn’t I? Anyway…

Now, I am sure I can come up with an example of the PU’s better-than-thou-in-our-ignorance mentality. Well, I am at a loss for a good example for that, so you will have to just take my word on this. Trust me; have I ever led you astray? Oh well, I will type more on Monday.