No sleep and too much work make blogger go something, something...

Too much work and no sleep make blogger go something something…..

Well, that something is losing one’s filter that keeps my tongue in check, and believe, you me, I currently need to keep my mouth shut. I am tired due to amazing amounts of work being accomplished in a short period of time and the little one needed extra attention during the night due to his lack of sleeping. I am overworked due to the same amazing amount of work being accomplished in a short period of time. These combinations lead to a short rather caustic wit being employed liberally without abandon. When I am tired like this I go straight for the sarcastic jugular (asking an anorexic if she has gained weight kind of stuff, just plain mean, and not too funny), and that is not good in a workplace. Not everyone can take the heat coming from this kitchen. The sarcastic bus has stopped and I will take you to school. I have a six-pack of sarcasm, and believe me; I know how to use it.

Anyway… I think I might have just found a job that is worse than both assistant crack whore or Israeli bus driver. Turns out the longevity of employment in the Nuevo Loredo police chief position is averaged at mere hours, and not days. Unfortunately so is the police chief’s mortal coil. I guess there is a good reason no one wants that job. I wonder if they would get more applicants if they added full dental.

Anyway2… I am stymied for more topic due to my lack of sleep. So to save myself from embarrassment, I will be quite now.