Obligaotry post

Okay, I am going to post about a current event, and I tend not to do this. I typically do not post about politics or major media current events. These topics are incredibly polarizing. People have already formed opinions about what they have been exposed to ad nauseum by the media agencies. My personal opinion of the matter will most likely not change anyone’s opinion and will most likely only garner support from people who already agree (preaching to the choir) or condemnation from those who already disagree (dumbfucks). I try diligently not to really post much that will raise the ire of my dear readers, because I do not want to offend anyone. I am really all about peace love and harmony. No really. Why can’t we all get along?

Anyway… I feel that I am obliged to post on the whole Michael Jackson verdict thing, not because I am a huge proponent of child rights, and not because I think this is the absolute most important current news item. Surprisingly this is not my first post about sexual predation, maybe I do actually want to protect kids? How flipping odd is that?

Mr. Jackson has just proven one again that fame and/or money can and will allow you to do anything. Want to bugger some pacific islander 13 year olds? Go ahead if you got the money and fame to do it. Wanna kill your ex-wife and her possible love toy? Sure thing, just make sure you have money and fame, oh, and do it in LA LA land, that seems to help as well. Want to off your wife in the parking lot of a restaurant? Sure thing, but it would be best if you had a TV show prior. Oh the things I could do if only I had “celebrity” associated with my name.

Michael Jackson is a sexual predator with money. Money is the only difference between his actions and the actions of your typical everyday “Chester Chester the Child Molester” that lives on the street next to yours. Neverland Ranch is the perfect child molester’s palace. It has all the enticements that a rich buggerer of tween boys would want: roller coasters, exotic animals, seclusion, security systems, porn collections, Jesus Juice, the list goes on and on. I am sure he has all the latest game systems, with all the latest games. I am sure he has a wonderful multi-media theater. I am sure that it is easier to entice some kid into having a “slumber party” with you when you have a roller coater than trying to get some kid into the back of your van with a tootsie roll. I am also sure that he has a security system that warns him of anyone approaching his bedroom. He is a predator, pure and simple.

Now, I know that many people are just saying that the family in the lawsuit is just a bunch of money grubbing litigious freaks who only want to be paid. You know what? You may be absolutely correct, but regardless to how unsavory those people are, if Mr. Jackson inappropriately touched that kid, it is still a crime, and a heinous one at that. The inescapable truth though is that the only kids who have come forward to say that Jacko molested them have been dark haired and dark skinned, but not of African descent. Honestly, McCauley Culkin should be damn happy that he is not of a Samoan ancestry, or he might have been more than an extra in the “Black and White” video.

Here is a bit more about effective sexual predators. Effective predators will choose their prey wisely… by “wisely” I mean, prey that can be discredited or intimidated. (for information on the intimidated prey please visit here.) Why would they choose discreditable prey? Because when it comes to an argument about whether an incident occurred, it is the word of an adult versus that of an unreliable discreditable youth. Who are most people going to believe?

The thing that really gets my goat are the people who state that it is the parents that should be convicted for child endangerment for exposing them to Michael Jackson, but do not feel that Jackson did anything wrong. Whaaaa?!!?! If Jackson did nothing, then why condemn the parents for allowing them to spend time with the plastic surgery freak? If no crime occurred, then how could it be considered child endangerment? You people all know that Jackson did it, you just are not willing to admit it to yourselves that he is capable of that horrible activity.

Anyway… to recap
Nessie is real and swimming happily in the tannin stained waters of Loch Ness
6 is afraid because 7 ate 9
Europe has some weird ass taste for music. They still listen to the new crap Jackson is putting out. And it is crap with a capital “C” and a capital “P.”
In other words it is “CraP”
I am glad I am not a male 13 year old Pacific Islander in California coming from a broken home.
Jackson did it.