Since the posting of yesterday’s blog, I have been accosted by co-workers and friends alike about my level of geekdom. For clarification purposes, I feel it necessary to state that sometimes my geekometer is pegged and held there for long periods of time. I freely admit my level of geekiness… my geekocioty, if you will. The god-hood I experienced at the convention, unfortunately stayed at the convention.

Now some of my friends took offense to my stating that I am the “coolest of all my friends.” I feel it necessary to quantify this statement a bit more. The friends in question are my 2 best friends that I grew up with. New friends do not count. Now, a bit about the “Coolest of all my Friends” moniker... by “coolest” I am not assuming that “non-geekiest” is the only criterion. One of the best friends quotes Vonnegut and used to install house alarms (coupled with many other non-cool things), and the other deals with chemical reactions on a sub-particle level and is currently doing a research post doc (coupled with many other non-cool things). I am a closet “gamer” and watch an inordinate amount of children’s television (coupled with many other non-cool things). Level of “geekdom” is not a direct inverse relationship to “cool.” Now I have broken down an equation that measures the coolness factor for the three of us (yes, I did count this mathematical analysis of coolness against me) and it seems that I still edge out G-Money and B-Dawg for the title of “Coolest of all my Friends.” The 2 of you may refute my claims, but I have the math to back this up (sadly, it all hinges on my association with my wife, if “significant other” were not in the equation, I would be toast). Again I must stress how amazingly relative this comparison is. I am not even remotely cool. I admit this freely, but I am cooler than those to jokers, and I have the math to prove it. I am sorry all of you had to witness that, but it was necessary. I had to defend my title.

So to recap:

Tom cruise has flipped his flipping lid.
Geekology is the study of geeks.
If you are still reading this, there is a good chance that you are registering on the geek-o-meter right now.
G-Money: 272
B-Dawg: 270
Me: 283… Boo-Yah!!!! Eat that!
It is a 10,000 point scale.
I am still “The Coolest of all my Friends”
That really is not saying much at all.