I am larger than the average 3 year old

So there he was lying on his side , tears streaming down his face, and bellowing at the top of his lungs. It was god awful hilarious. Now, I do not revel in the pain of my offspring. I do not set up the big man to fall. I do not take delight in him getting hurt, but I find it god-awful funny when he disproportionately responds to external stimuli.

The event in question happened last Friday. It was a hot afternoon at the park and the little one was frolicking and having a grand old time. He was taking giant steps, he was going down slides, he was climbing stairs, he was climbing slides, he was all over the place, and he was having fun. Now, there is this one particular piece of playground equipment at this particular park that is basically a winding tunnel of crawly fun.

Little man grabbed my hand and attempted to pull me through. I being larger than the average 3 year old was not to fit through this tube portion of the place without extreme effort. I was not willing make that effort since I was not being chased by a large meat-eating mammal. I politely explained to the little man that I couldn’t go through the tubing due to me being too big for it. He tugged on my arm again to go through. Again I politely explained the situation, and went to the other side of the tube and called him to come meet me there. Clearly this was not the correct answer from papa. I saw the expression change on his face, the fun we were having 30 seconds ago no longer mattered. He was now hurt and angry and going to let me know about it.

It started with his silent scream. You know the one… the scream where he is soooo hurt that there is no sound until he inhales. The he dropped to his knees screaming and crying, finally ending up on the platform of the playground piece in the fetal position bawling. All because I would not go into the tube with him. It was difficult not to laugh at him, because the response was sooo out of whack to my crime.

If I reacted like that at my work environment I would either get everything I ever wanted, or be cleaning out my desk.

Just a little story about the boy to pass the time. It is difficult to blog about esoterica and inanity when bomb are going off in the underground.

So to recap:
Tantrums can be kind of cute and funny.
To Mr. “Not very anonymous”: Chaos does not always reign… the “Coolness factor” results in a nonlinear dynamic solid state system that does not diverge into infinity at all starting points. Oddly enough the Julia set associated with this equation is extremely similar to that of a cosine function’s. Go figure. I guess coolness factors are cyclical in nature.
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